How to Rekindle a Relationship

Learn 10 Ways to Rekindle the Passion in Your Marriage

How to Rekindle a Relationship

Rekindle passion in your marriage. Jason and Kendra have been married for 12 years and have three children. Most of their conversations are about work, chores, their kid’s activities, and mundane aspects of their stale marriage.

Kendra puts it this: “I love Jason, but the passion just isn’t there anymore.”

When Kendra drops this bombshell, Jason responds, “I thought we were doing okay, I really did. Even though we don’t have sex much anymore, it just seems a phase we’re going through. I don’t have any energy left by the time I hit the bed at night.”

By all accounts, Kendra and Jason were passionate during the early years of their marriage. However, over the last few years, their sex life has dwindled and they rarely spend time together without their children. Kendra seeks out Jason for sexual intimacy and Jason often pulls away.

According to experts, the most common reason couples lose their passion for each other and stop being sexually intimate is a pursuer-distancer pattern that develops over time. Dr.

Sue Johnson identifies the pattern of demand-withdraw as the “Protest Polka” and says it is one of three “Demon Dialogues.

” She explains that when one partner becomes critical and aggressive, the other often becomes defensive and distant.

Dr. John Gottman’s research on thousands of couples discovered partners that get stuck in this pattern in the first few years of marriage have more than an 80% chance of divorcing in the first four to five years.

Foster Emotional Intimacy

A good sexual relationship is built on emotional intimacy and closeness. In other words, if you’re hoping to improve your physical relationship, you need to first work on your emotional connection. Focus on meeting your partner’s needs and communicating your own needs in a loving, respectful way.

In The Science of Trust, Dr. Gottman explains that couples who want to rekindle their passion and love need to turn towards each other.

Practicing emotional attunement can help you stay connected even when you disagree. This means turning toward one another by showing empathy, instead of being defensive.

Both partners need to talk about their feelings in terms of positive need, instead of what they do not need.

According to Dr. Gottman, expressing a positive need is a recipe for success for both the listener and the speaker because it conveys complaints and requests without criticism and blame. Dr.

Gottman says, “This requires a mental transformation from what is wrong with one’s partner to what one’s partner can do that would work.

The speaker is really saying, ‘Here’s what I feel, and what I need from you.’”

Rekindle Sexual Chemistry

During the early phase of marriage, many couples barely come up for air due to the excitement of falling in love. Unfortunately, this blissful state doesn’t last forever.

Scientists have discovered that oxytocin (a bonding hormone) released during the initial stage of infatuation causes couples to feel euphoric and turned on by physical touch.

It actually works a drug, giving us immediate rewards that bind us to our lover.

Holding hands, hugs, and tender touch are great ways to affirm your love for your partner. Physical affection sets the stage for sexual touch that is focused on pleasure. Sex therapist and educator Dr. Micheal Stysma recommends that you set a goal of doubling the length of time you kiss, hug, and use sensual touch if you want to improve your marriage.

Sexual attraction is hard to maintain over time. For instance, Kendra and Jason lack passion because they are unwilling to give up control and show vulnerability. As a result, they avoid sex and rarely touch each other. Sex therapist Laurie Watson says, “Most sexual concerns stem from an interpersonal struggle in the marriage.”

Here are 10 tips to bring back the passion in your marriage:

1. Change your pattern of initiating sex

Maybe you are denying your partner or coming on too strong. Avoid criticizing each other and stop the “blame game.” Mix things up to end the power struggle. For example, distancers may want to practice initiating sex more often and pursuers try to find ways to tell their partner “you’re sexy,” in subtle ways while avoiding critique and demands for closeness.

2. Hold hands more often

According to author Dr. Kory Floyd, holding hands, hugging, and touching can release oxytocin causing a calming sensation. Studies show it’s also released during sexual orgasm. Additionally, physical affection reduces stress hormones – lowering daily levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

3. Allow tension to build

Our brains experience more pleasure when the anticipation of the reward goes on for some time before we receive it. So take your time during foreplay, share fantasies, change locations, and make sex more romantic.

4. Separate sexual intimacy from routine

Plan intimacy time and avoid talking about relationship problems and household chores in the bedroom. Sexual arousal plummets when we’re distracted and stressed.

5. Carve out time to spend with your partner

Try a variety of activities that bring you both pleasure. Have fun courting and practice flirting as a way to ignite sexual desire and intimacy. Dr. Gottman says that “everything positive you do in your relationship is foreplay.”

6. Focus on affectionate touch

Offer to give your partner a back or shoulder rub. People associate foreplay with sexual intercourse, but affectionate touch is a powerful way to demonstrate and rekindle passion even if you are not a touchy-feely person.

7. Practice being more emotionally vulnerable during sex

Share your innermost wishes, fantasies, and desires with your partner. If you fear emotional intimacy, consider engaging in individual or couple’s therapy.

8. Maintain a sense of curiosity about sexual intimacy

Experiment with new ways to bring pleasure to each other. Look at sex as an opportunity to get to know your partner better over time.

9. Vary the kind of sex you have

Have gentle, loving-tender, intimate, and highly erotic sex. Break up the routine and try new things as sexual needs change.

10. Make sex a priority

Set the mood for intimacy before TV or work dulls your passion. A light meal along with your favorite music and wine can set the stage for great sex.

The good news is that allowing your partner to influence you can reignite the spark you once enjoyed. In fact, Dr. Gottman reminds us that friendship is the glue that can hold a marriage together:

“Couples who know each other intimately [and] are well versed in each other’s s, diss, personality quirks, hopes, and dreams are couples who make it.”

Even if you are not a touchy-feely person, increasing physical affection and emotional attunement can help you to sustain a deep, meaningful bond.

Learn how to make your relationship work in the first Gottman Relationship Coach program.

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10 strategies on how to rekindle a relationship

How to Rekindle a Relationship

A sense of certainty and friendship is normal and desirable in a relationship – it’s even one of the three keys to passion. But just as there are signs of passion in a relationship, there are signs that your partnership is broken and needs to be rekindled.

You don’t trust each other

Jealousy in a relationship is never healthy – even if your partner did something to break your trust. If you’re constantly suspicious of your partner’s motives or whereabouts, you need to address your broken relationship immediately.

You don’t talk

Some couples talk more than others, but if you don’t know the basics about what’s going on in your partner’s career, friendships or family relationships, you may have some communicating to do.

You argue constantly

What if you want to talk to your partner, but it always seems to turn into an argument? Disagreements are normal, but if you never reach a resolution or let things go, it’s a sign you need to rekindle the relationship.

You don’t spend time together

It’s healthy to have separate friend groups and spend some time apart, but not more than you spend together. And if you often sleep in separate rooms, that’s a big sign it’s time to learn how to spark your relationship.

Why relationships die down

Has your relationship fizzled or has the fire died down? It’s easy to blame the natural progression of a relationship. Many couples become more friends than lovers over time, and many of them accept this as normal. But if you’re wondering how to rekindle a relationship, you’re ready for the truth: One or both of you have stopped putting in the work necessary to keep your love alive.

You may have stoppedspeaking to one another gently or you’ve started punishing each other for mistakes. You could also be spending too much time at work or with your friends and have drifted away from your significant other.

Life changes can also be difficult to navigate for many couples.

If you have recently had children, experienced a job loss or moved to a new city, the stress of the situation could take a toll on your relationship if you don’tmake an effort to stay connected.

Love is a powerful emotion. That’s why we to think that we are “meant to be” with our partner – that we won’t need to work at love because it’s something that “soulmates” just have. That’s also why we give up and move on when we don’t feel it anymore. Yet love isn’t disposable. Relationships aren’t disposable. It takes commitment, but you can rekindle a relationship.

How to rekindle a broken relationship

It doesn’t matter why you need to rekindle love. What matters is that it is possible. If you want to learn how to fix a broken relationship, whether it’s a recent romance or a long-term love affair, you need some emotional kindling. Over time, taking the following small steps in your relationship can lead to massive changes and help you bring back the spark.

1. Use your relationship polarity to your advantage

Having things in common with your partner is wonderful, but opposites also attract. This principle is called the law of polarity. Think back to when you first met your significant other.

Things were easy between the two of you, and the physical chemistry proved your instant attraction. When you rekindle a relationship, remember that ease and chemistry.

Nurture your own natural energy and confidence; your partner was and is attracted to you in your natural state.

Your natural energy and your partner’s energy work together to create your relationship’s chemistry.

When working together in a natural, balanced way, neither of you need to suppress your true self, and you can be happy together as you are.

If you find yourself in the position of fixing a relationship, you’ll probably find that one or both of you has sacrificed your true self somewhere along the way­ – and regaining this energy is vital to moving forward.

2. Be physical to help intimacy grow

When times are tough and we’re looking for how to rekindle a relationship, many of us have trouble being physical with our partner. This is especially true when sex is a contentious issue in the relationship.

If you find yourself being less physical with your partner to punish them or are avoiding sex for any reason, you need to address that immediately.

Fixing a relationship is nearly impossible when one or both of you are not able to show physical affection.

Affectionate physical contact, whether sexual or not, gives you the natural high your body’s hormones produce and can help you get into the right frame of mind to rekindle love.

Remember to touch your partner frequently as this will help you to redevelop closeness and intimacy. Give the one you love a reassuring caress, a hug or just a squeeze of the hand that says, “I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere.

” These small moments can mean a lot to your partner when you’re trying to fix a relationship.

Of course, sex is also very important in a relationship and understanding your own sexual energy – as well as that of your partner – is key to learning how to rekindle a broken relationship. If sexual intimacy is becoming less and less frequent, you need to take action now before it becomes an insurmountable problem.

3. Be curious about your partner

When you started dating your partner, you were intensely curious about them. You wanted to know what they were thinking and feeling at all times. You asked questions about their past and their future dreams. Do you still act in this manner? If not, it could be a big reason why you are now in the position of learning how to rekindle love. 

Curiosity about your partner involves asking questions and practicing deep listening when they answer. It goes beyond asking how their day went or what they’d for dinner.

Find out what they think about current events, how their new position at work makes them feel in terms of life goals and how their dreams for the future have changed.

When you spark your curiosity for your partner, fixing a relationship becomes easier for both of you.

4. Innovate and give the relationship your best effort

Want to know how to rekindle a relationship? Consider that the success of your partnership works the exact same way as the success of your initial courtship. Remember what you did to win your partner over.

When you and your partner were just starting out, you showed each other your best sides.

You consistently thought about ways to make your partner feel special, such as leaving them love notes or planning extravagant dates.

More than anything, you were your partner’s biggest fan and they were yours. When did that stop and how did that coincide with your need to learn how to rekindle a relationship?

It’s easy to fall into comfortable habits in relationships and stop putting forth as much conscious effort, but resist taking the easy way out in your love life. Remember that committing to continually improving your relationship is one of the10 cardinal rules of love.

How happy would your partner feel today if you took a few extra minutes to remind them they are loved? Understand that your connection will continue to strengthen and deepen if you innovate andmake extraordinary efforts. Fixing a relationship almost takes care of itself when you start putting the effort from your early days into a relationship that is more mature.

5. Use your voice as a powerful tool for building intimacy

As much as physical touch and thoughtfulness are keys to a relationship, so are your words. Your words have incredible power and those who are looking for how to rekindle a relationship sometimes don’t realize that the words they’ve been using with their partner are harming them.

Not only do the stories we tell ourselves define us as individuals, but our words can also build up our partner and relationship or tear them both down. In many situations, there is no “right thing” to say; you just need to be genuine.

Learning how to rekindle love is one of those situations, so you must learn to communicate effectively with your partner in order to revitalize your bond.

Use heartfelt words when communicating with your partner – whether it’s about your trip to the grocery store or resolving a personal conflict. Remember to say things “I love you,” “thank you” and “I miss you.” Said with genuine emotion, these little statements make tough times easier between the two of you, which helps you build or rebuild trust after it’s been betrayed.

Rekindle love by speaking with care and compassion and avoiding blame at all costs. When the two of you are arguing, don’t say anything in the heat of the moment that you’ll regret later.

Remind yourself that this is a person you love and trust, and that your words affect them deeply.

As you work together to communicate your love and respect for each other, you will find that your rekindled love is even stronger than the love you shared at the beginning of your relationship.

6. Learn how to control your emotions

When you were in high school you probably felt the world was about to end more than once because you were dealing with many situations and emotions for the first time.

But as an adult, with age and experience on your side, you probably look back and laugh at your “insurmountable” problems.

You learned how to master those emotions, and you can apply that same principle to how to rekindle a relationship.

Relationships are fraught with emotions – some of them may even be new to you. But you can control emotions frustration, annoyance and anger just any others.

There is no need to be driven by your feelings or to suppress them. Allow yourself to feel them, then ask yourself what they’re telling you.

Get to the root of the emotion and communicate that to your partner instead of the emotion itself.  

7. Defuse conflict with fun

When figuring out how to rekindle a relationship, never avoid conflict just because you’re afraid to work through issues. Couples who are serious about fixing a relationship know that conflict, when handled correctly, leads to growth. The key is to address the problem before it gets control – but find a way to make it fun instead of taxing. 

When you descend into a fight with your partner, fast forward to the laughing part. Don’t avoid the issue – soften it with humor. Try getting angry about the problem while doing a ridiculous dance or talking about it in a cartoon voice. Once you start laughing – and you will – you can learn to connect your partner to happier emotions even when there’s a conflict between the two of you. 

Fixing a broken relationship is a painful and exhausting process – even when done correctly. When you’re able to laugh with your partner and connect through humor and lightness, you can make your way through the difficult terrain together and create a truly fulfilling relationship.

8. Write it down

When attempting to rekindle love, some partners have problems communicating their feelings face to face.

This could be due to fear over how their words will affect their partner, uncertainty that they will get the words right or limiting beliefs regarding their communication skills.

Some just communicate better through writing, especially during the early stages of rebuilding a relationship.

Writing down your thoughts can be a good way to extend a mindful apology, work through difficult feelings or express your love and appreciation for your partner. When you’re done, you may give your partner the piece you wrote – or you may keep it to yourself. The writing is to help you understand your own feelings and find the right words to say to the one you love.

9. Set ground rules for the future

How did you reach the point where you started wondering how to spark your relationship? If you’ve had issues with trust – keeping secrets from one another or cheating – it can be hard to get back to where you were before. While rules don’t sound romantic, they can actually help to rebuild trust and connection by defining how you will avoid a similar scenario in the future.

Set ground rules: Do you both agree to prioritize each other and the relationship before your own individual needs? What decisions will be made alone and which will be made as a couple? How will you communicate in an effective and respectful way, so that you both feel heard and understood? What are each partner’s needs, and how will the other person meet those needs? Asking yourself the right questions can rekindle a relationship in surprising ways.

10. Build a happy memory bank

Every couple faces tough times, and it’s easy to focus on negative experiences. To counteract these, build a happy memory bank that you both can reflect on when you’re struggling. Where focus goes, energy flows, and when you focus on moments of joy and connection, you relive those memories and rekindle love.

To construct your memory bank, plan regular date nights and recognize special occasions. Find any reason to celebrate, even if that means celebrating for no reason at all. Create traditions that are comforting and increase your connection.

Treat each other with kindness and empathy, and take any opportunity you can to build your partner up.

Learning how to rekindle a relationship is not easy – it takes time and effort to create and sustain a supportive and healthy relationship and even more time if you’re faced with fixing a broken relationship. But with time and patience, you can rebuild trust and deeply connect with your partner.

For more Tony Robbins resources to reignite the passion in your love life check out his Firewalk, , and pages.


Rekindle the Spark in Your Relationship

How to Rekindle a Relationship

The reason that many of us lose the spark starts with the nature of relationships themselves: They’re always changing.

You’re not alone if you wake up one morning and find that the romance is gone in your relationship. One of the most common questions I hear from couples is that the spark has faded over time, and what once was a fulfilling relationship is now hollow, lifeless and running on autopilot.

While waking up to a hollowed relationship is a common situation, thankfully there’s a clear pathway for rekindling the spark. The secret to a vibrant relationship that is filled with love, connection and happiness is fostering more safety within your partnership.

Let’s look at why the spark with our partner goes away, and how we can renew it by fostering more safety in the relationship.

Why we lose the spark

The reason that many of us lose the spark starts with the nature of relationships themselves: They’re always changing.

We to think that we buy into a relationship and that’s what we can expect in the future, but relationships are always changing because we are always changing.

“You are not the same person today that you were five years ago,” Couples Center co-founder, Gal Szekely, rightly noted when we spoke about the topic during a recent episode of my series, “Talking Love.” “It is not the same relationship you have today that you had five years ago. So you have to keep learning, keep growing, keep trying things out.”

The spark in our relationship comes from the dynamic energy of constantly growing and renewing the partnership as we grow. This renewal keeps our relationship strong and introduces new elements that make if fresh and continually vibrant.

The death of the spark occurs when we stop sharing in the relationship. Our relationship starts drifting and becomes lifeless when we don’t renew it through constant sharing and adjustment.

Of course, most of us don’t consciously stop sharing and adjusting with our partner. We pull away slowly and almost unperceptively through little omissions when we don’t feel safe enough to share. If we feel that our partner might not accept what we want to share, we hedge or avoid these taboo topics.

Most of us aren’t trying to hurt our relationship when we avoid certain topics, obviously. We’re actually trying to help the relationship by avoiding fights and disunity. But this avoidance comes at a big cost.

“Because you care about your partner and you don’t want to fight with them, you’re not giving yourself as much,” Gal pointed out. “But actually, you’re avoiding growth. You’re avoiding continuing to change. And that’s part of what’s needed in a relationship to keep it alive.”

Instead of growing the relationship, we just keep the peace. We don’t want to rock the boat or face criticism. In the process, we stop sharing our full selves and we stop growing the relationship. Hence the spark fades and eventually dims to the point that we may even lose track of the love we have for our partner!

How to Renew the Spark

If your relationship is lacking the spark (and most of us get there at some point!), the solution is nurturing more safety in the relationship and then reconnecting in the areas where avoidance has grown into big disconnects.

Here are three steps you can take right now to start reversing the trend.

1. Find the walls

Here’s a truth for you: What you don’t accept, your partner probably won’t share. When you don’t accept an idea, emotion or action, you’re basically telling your partner they won’t be accepted in these areas. This leads to secrets and things unsaid.

So the first step toward rekindling the spark is acknowledging the areas where you and your partner are communicating a lack of acceptance, where there are walls that inhibit sharing. This lack of acceptance might only be a fear in your partner’s head, not an actual wall that has been erected, but it matters as long as you or your partner feels they cannot share in a particular area.

Together, define these areas where you and your partner feel there is a lack of acceptance within the relationship and zero in on these areas as the walls that are hurting communication and the process of growing together.

Some areas where couples commonly struggle with sharing include money, career change, hopes and dreams, and sexual needs. Be on the lookout for any wall that might limit communication in these or other areas.

2. Build Acceptance

Once you understand the areas where sharing is inhibited by a lack of safety, the next step is addressing these areas through an understanding of the difference between acceptance and agreement.

There’s a huge difference between acceptance and agreement, but we often get the two confused and this creates the lack of safety that keeps us from sharing.

Basically, acceptance is the acknowledgment that an idea, emotion or action exists. Acceptance is not a judgment on the goodness of an idea, emotion or action, it is just an acknowledgment that it exists.

Yes, we as humans can do both good and bad things in the right situation. Yes, we can think a range of thoughts. Yes, we can respond emotionally in a variety of ways, both good and bad.

Acceptance is just acknowledging this fact.

Agreement, on the other hand, is the value judgment that most of us confuse with acceptance. Agreement is where we weigh in on whether an idea, emotion or action is constructive or destructive, good or bad.

The problem is not judging the goodness or badness of something, because we all have our opinions. The problem is when we withhold acceptance because we disagree with the goodness of something.

If we accept an action but think it might not have been smart, our partner will feel safe enough to share. If we confuse acceptance with agreement and withhold the acceptance part, however, that’s when we send those signals to stop sharing. That’s when we’ll condemn, judge, and not necessarily still be on our partner’s side.

For more on this huge topic, check out my video on unconditional acceptance.

3. Create a Safe Space

Now that you have identified the walls of non-acceptance and both you and your partner understand that you can disagree with the rightness of an idea, emotion or action but still accept it, the next step is creating a safe space where you can get past the walls in your relationship.

Creating a safe space is relatively simple, but it takes conscious effort.

Once a week for at least five weeks, sit down with your partner for an hour and just talk. Un normal conversations, however, set some rules for these special conversations.

Rule #1 is that you will take turns talking, and while the other person speaks you will listen silently and then verbalize back what you’ve heard when they are finished. Rule #2 is that both of you promise to accept whatever the other person says, even if you reserve the right to agree or disagree.

Don’t talk about just anything, too. Instead, focus on sharing the deep issues in your mind and in your heart during these special conversations. Share the things that matter most to you, and especially the areas where there have been walls.

If you follow these three steps, you’ll be well on your way to rekindling the spark in your relationship by building more safety and opening the lines of communication for continued relationship growth.

Of course, creating safety and rebuilding the connection with our partner is easier said than done. If you need help rebuilding that spark with your partner, reach out to The Couples Center for one-on-one guidance and support. You also can pick up some additional exercises for strengthening your relationship by watching my interview above with Gal.

Peter Kowalke is lead coach at Kowalke Relationship Coaching. He travels the world helping couples and singles build stronger relationships, and you can find him on @kowalke or through his channel.


10 Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship

How to Rekindle a Relationship

Don't let the spark in your marriage die out! Keep the fire alive and exciting with these 10 Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship for a happy, lasting marriage. 

How to Rekindle your Relationship

Once you’ve been married for a while, it’s easy to let that “spark” in your relationship fizzle. However, it’s important that you keep your marriage revitalized and happy so that you both feel wanted and appreciated.

Read on to find out 10 ways you can rekindle your relationship and never leave your partner feeling the marriage is lacking.

10 Ways to Rekindle your Relationship

1. Cuddle together every night.

Bringing the spice back into your relationship isn’t always about being intimate in bed. Sometimes the two of you just need a little touch and affection. Practice cuddling together in bed for 10 minutes each night and morning. Go to bed together and wake up together in order to have these precious few minutes to connect before starting or ending the day.

2. Continue dating your spouse.

Not letting the fire die out is important in your marriage. Date nights may seem they are simply for younger people or newer relationships, but even married couples need to get out without the kids and enjoy themselves sometimes! Try to have a date night at least once a month to keep that spark alive.

3. Buy some lingerie.

Men love seeing their lady in lingerie. Use this sparingly to spice up your relationship.

It’s best done when he least expects it, such as a busy week at the office or after he’s rebounded from an illness or even just a headache. It doesn't need to be anything crazy either.

It can just be new silky, strappy jammies, these. Showing that you are taking the time to please him will go a long way in rekindling the fire!

4. Meet in the bathroom.

Most couples share a bathroom, but they don’t really take the time to utilize it for keeping their marriage strong. As you are both getting ready, use this shared space for a little romance. Nothing more than a few kisses and touches are needed, but it can really set the mood for your entire day.

5. Don’t stop the surprises.

Just a little effort to keep your spouse feeling loved and appreciated is great for rekindling your relationship. Bring her flowers after work, or cook his favorite dessert for after dinner.

Light candles and offer a massage when your partner gets home, or complete a chore they usually do so they don’t have to. It really is the little things these that matter in keeping your marriage happy and that spark alive and well.

And surprises are what keeps life and relationships from being boring.

6. Take care of yourself.

It’s hard to keep your marriage alive when you are running on empty. It’s just as important to practice self-care as it is to be attentive to your spouse.

Carve out some “me time” in your schedule each week, and use it to get a mani-pedi or a day at the spa or even just a relaxing, quiet bath or shower.

Anything that helps you recharge so you can put forth the effort needed in your relationship.

7. Reconnect with memories.

When you and your spouse get caught up in the hustle of real life, it’s important to disconnect from the world and remember why you two are together. Slow down and pull out old photo albums. Reminisce over a cup of hot cocoa on the sofa. Remembering the fun times you have had together is sure to bring back that spark in your marriage.

8. Be attentive toward your spouse.

Simply acknowledging your spouse, their good qualities, and how much you appreciate them can really help to rekindle anything lost in your marriage. People need to feel wanted, so don’t ever leave your partner second guessing how you feel.

When he/she has a problem, sit down and listen to help them through it.  Put down your electronics and actually listen to your spouse!  Look at them instead of your phone or TV to show them that they are the priority.

Celebrate any accomplishments in their life too!

9. Reduce the stress in your life.

Worry and anxiety is one of the most common reasons for the fire dying in your marriage. It’s hard to be romantic or happy when you are stressing.

Work hard to reduce your stress levels so that you have more time to keep the spark alive in your marriage.  You can do this by taking care of yourself and taking moments to recharge.

 And if your worries are about money, you can read here about how to keep finances from ruining your marriage.

Discuss your feelings with your spouse so you never feel alone in your worries. Knowing you have someone on your side goes a long way in handling stress.

10. Get playful.

Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. Find fun ways to show your spouse how happy you are to spend your life with him. Pull out the pillows for a good old pillow fight, or attack those ticklish spots she hates. Being silly and having fun is one of the best ways to reconnect with your loved one.

Did you these 10 Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship? Find more on my Love & Marriage board on Pinterest!

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