Everything You Need to Know About Vaping CBD Oil

5 things you should know about vaping CBD

Everything You Need to Know About Vaping CBD Oil

To vape or not to vape, is it even a question? Vaping has quickly become one of the most popular methods of cannabis consumption—so much so that the emerging market sees an influx of new CBD vape products each day. With product catalogues being flooded with these products, it’s important that consumers stay informed about CBD vaping so you’re able to find which products are right for your body.

Here are a few key things to know about vaping CBD.

1. There are plenty of safe options

By now you’ve seen the news about people being seriously sickened and even dying from consuming sketchy vape products tainted with vitamin E oil.

As long as you’re buying legal lab-tested products from reputable retailers, there’s no reason to believe this will be your fate.

To date, there’s no evidence of a tainted CBD vape cartridge sourced from the legal market (though it is not a 100% impossibility).

With such a long history of fear mongering, it can be hard to know what’s dangerous and what’s perfectly safe when it comes to cannabis. The proper way to combat this is through education—and Leafly is here to help you with that.

2. Full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate

CBD oils can be divided into three types: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain the full array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds produced by its source plant.

With CBD products, CBD will be the most pronounced cannabinoid, but these products may also include low levels of THC. A CBD product is unly to produce a high with only trace levels of THC (less than 0.

3%), but it’s important to be aware of if you’re looking to avoid THC altogether.

Many consumers consider full-spectrum products to be the most effective due to the “entourage effect,” which refers to the theory that cannabis works best when all of its natural ingredients work together rather than in isolation. More research is needed to understand the entourage effect and to what extent it does result in more potent benefits—still, many swear by it anecdotally.

Broad-spectrum CBD products contain all of the cannabinoids but with THC removed. Because of this, most (if not all) of these products are produced from industrial hemp, which naturally produces far less THC than traditional cannabis. By retaining cannabinoids and terpenes, broad-spectrum CBD still produces the entourage effect— just without any THC.

CBD isolate products are pure CBD, meaning they contain only CBD and no other cannabinoids or terpenes. Because of this, CBD isolates lose the essence of the plant and have no aroma, but are still able to promote wellness qualities attributed to CBD. Much broad-spectrum CBD products, CBD isolate products are typically derived from industrial hemp.

3. Vaping CBD flower vs. CBD oil

Vaping CBD can provide a variety of experiences, depending on how you consume it.

For one, vaping flower requires a flower vaporizer— the portable Zeus Arc GT or the tabletop Volcano—while vaping oil requires a portable 510 thread battery a Vessel, or proprietary pod systems the PAX Era.

CBD flower will deliver a less concentrated dose of CBD than CBD oil, but it provides the most complete experience because it hasn’t lost any of its terpenes, cannabinoids, or other active compounds through extraction.

CBD-dominant flower typically has somewhere between 7-15% CBD. CBD flower contains some THC—anywhere from just trace, physically undetectable amounts to more significant levels that will lead to a gentle high.

So yes, vaping CBD flower will give you all of the wellness benefits of CBD, but may also get you high, even if it’s just a baby bit. Great strains to search for this experience include ACDC, Charlotte’s Web, and Cherry Wine.

CBD oil, on the other hand, will have a higher concentration of CBD due to the extraction process that isolates the compound. Many companies add terpenes after this process to encourage a more nuanced and flavorful experience. This is why many CBD oils have between 60-80% CBD, with varying levels of terpenes and other compounds.

Both flower and oil deliver the therapeutic properties associated with CBD, so the choice ultimately comes down to consumer preference. Vaping CBD oil will most ly provide a lighter high than flower, even if its full spectrum, due to the loss of other compounds during extraction. CBD oil is also an easier and more efficient consumption process—it portable, discreet, and easy to dose.

4. How to read CBD labels for potency

CBD vapor products produced from broad-spectrum or isolate oils, will have no THC. Even though they have the highest CBD percentages, they shouldn’t deliver any intoxicating cerebral effects.

Other CBD products have an equal balance of CBD and THC, and can only be purchased at a cannabis shop in areas with adult-use cannabis laws. Vaping these products will get you high, but are less potent than a THC-dominant oil.

It’s important to know the difference when reading labels for potency. CBD flower packaging will always have the CBD and THC numbers on the label. And at this point, in addition to the cannabinoids, some will also provide terpene percentages. Same goes for CBD oil cartridges, but they’ll also be more descriptive with the type of CBD (i.e., full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate).

5. Where to buy CBD vapes

After learning of the various CBD products, the next and final question is: where should you buy CBD vape products from?

To buy CBD products derived from cannabis, you’d need to be in a legal state with access to dispensaries. This would be the best place to purchase full-spectrum products that are guaranteed lab-tested in compliance with local laws.

Because they contain less than 0.3% THC, you can obtain hemp-derived CBD products from dispensaries, grocery stores, online retailers, and even directly from the producers’ websites.

It is important to note that both products from cannabis and hemp can be labeled as full spectrum, but they are not one in the same.

Hemp products as labeled this way because they capture the full chemical profile of the hemp plant.

Though technically full-spectrum, these products may not provide the complete experience that many consumers associate with full-spectrum products from the more chemically diverse cannabis plant.

With full-spectrum CBD from hemp, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate products, the vetting process becomes a lot trickier due to the lack of FDA regulations. For these products, you’d need to purchase from a marketplace with clean, trusted, verified products. To learn more about what to look for when buying hemp-derived CBD, check out this guide.

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5 Vaping Facts You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Vaping CBD Oil

Mens Health Heart Health Know Your Heart Risks

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If you have thought about trying to kick a smoking habit, you’re not alone. Nearly 7 of 10 smokers say they want to stop. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health — smoking harms nearly every organ in your body, including your heart. Nearly one-third of deaths from heart disease are the result of smoking and secondhand smoke.

You might be tempted to turn to electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes, vape pens, and other vaping devices) as a way to ease the transition from traditional cigarettes to not smoking at all.

But is smoking e-cigarettes (also called vaping) better for you than using tobacco products? Can e-cigarettes help you to stop smoking once and for all? Michael Blaha, M.D., M.P.H.

, director of clinical research at the Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease, shares health information about vaping.

1: Vaping Is Less Harmful Than Smoking, but It’s Still Not Safe

E-cigarettes heat nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavorings and other chemicals to create an aerosol that you inhale. Regular tobacco cigarettes contain 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic. While we don’t know exactly what chemicals are in e-cigarettes, Blaha says “there’s almost no doubt that they expose you to fewer toxic chemicals than traditional cigarettes.”

However, there has also been an outbreak of lung injuries and deaths associated with vaping. As of Jan. 21, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed 60 deaths in patients with e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury (EVALI).

“These cases appear to predominantly affect people who modify their vaping devices or use black market modified e-liquids. This is especially true for vaping products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),” explains Blaha.

The CDC has identified vitamin E acetate as a chemical of concern among people with EVALI. Vitamin E acetate is a thickening agent often used in THC vaping products, and it was found in all lung fluid samples of EVALI patients examined by the CDC.

The CDC recommends that people:

  • Do not use THC-containing e-cigarette, or vaping, products
  • Avoid using informal sources, such as friends, family or online dealers to obtain a vaping device.
  • Do not modify or add any substances to a vaping device that are not intended by the manufacturer.

2: Research Suggests Vaping Is Bad for Your Heart and Lungs

Nicotine is the primary agent in both regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes, and it is highly addictive. It causes you to crave a smoke and suffer withdrawal symptoms if you ignore the craving. Nicotine is also a toxic substance. It raises your blood pressure and spikes your adrenaline, which increases your heart rate and the lihood of having a heart attack.

Is vaping bad for you? There are many unknowns about vaping, including what chemicals make up the vapor and how they affect physical health over the long term. “People need to understand that e-cigarettes are potentially dangerous to your health,” says Blaha.

“Emerging data suggests links to chronic lung disease and asthma, and associations between dual use of e-cigarettes and smoking with cardiovascular disease.

You’re exposing yourself to all kinds of chemicals that we don’t yet understand and that are probably not safe.”

3: Electronic Cigarettes Are Just As Addictive As Traditional Ones

Both e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes contain nicotine, which research suggests may be as addictive as heroin and cocaine.

What’s worse, says Blaha, many e-cigarette users get even more nicotine than they would from a tobacco product — you can buy extra-strength cartridges, which have a higher concentration of nicotine, or you can increase the e-cigarette’s voltage to get a greater hit of the substance.

Vaping and e-cigarettes are sometimes promoted as ways to help cigarette smokers quit. But what about the reverse? Can vaping lead to regular cigarette smoking later on?

Although they’ve been marketed as an aid to help you quit smoking, e-cigarettes have not received Food and Drug Administration approval as smoking cessation devices. A recent study found that most people who intended to use e-cigarettes to kick the nicotine habit ended up continuing to smoke both traditional and e-cigarettes.

In the light of the EVALI outbreak, the CDC advises adults who use e-cigarettes for smoking cessation to weigh the risks and benefits and consider use of other FDA-approved smoking cessation options.

5: A New Generation Is Getting Hooked on Nicotine

Among youth, e-cigarettes are more popular than any traditional tobacco product. In 2015, the U.S. surgeon general reported that e-cigarette use among high school students had increased by 900%, and 40% of young e-cigarette users had never smoked regular tobacco.

According to Blaha, there are three reasons e-cigarettes may be particularly enticing to young people. First, many teens believe that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Second, e-cigarettes have a lower per-use cost than traditional cigarettes. Finally, vape cartridges are often formulated with flavorings such as apple pie and watermelon that appeal to younger users.

Both youths and adults find the lack of smoke appealing. With no smell, e-cigarettes reduce the stigma of smoking.

“What I find most concerning about the rise of vaping is that people who would’ve never smoked otherwise, especially youth, are taking up the habit,” says Blaha. “It’s one thing if you convert from cigarette smoking to vaping. It’s quite another thing to start up nicotine use with vaping. And, it often leads to using traditional tobacco products down the road.”

There’s a strong link between smoking and cardiovascular disease, and between smoking and cancer. But the sooner you quit, the quicker your body can rebound and repair itself. Talk to your doctor about what smoking cessation program or tools would be best for you. 

One of the best things you can do to protect and improve your health is to stay informed. Your Health is a FREE e-newsletter that serves as your smart, simple connection to the world-class expertise of Johns Hopkins.

Источник: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/wellness-and-prevention/5-truths-you-need-to-know-about-vaping

Everything You Need To Know About Vaping CBD

Everything You Need to Know About Vaping CBD Oil
Aug 13, 2019 · 6 min read

The therapeutic benefits of CBD have led to the rampant growth of its popularity across the world. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a compound that is extractible from industrial hemp. CBD is processed into different formulations for consumption, including e-liquid or CBD vape oil, and oral and edible products such as capsules and creams.

The existing methods of infusing CBD into the body are tinctures, dabbing, smoking, inhaling, and vaping. Vaping CBD has become one of the most effective and popular methods of consuming CBD.

This is because vaping of CBD is the easiest and the fastest way of infusing CBD into the body. It also helps consumers to avoid bioavailability of the drug, which is inevitable with other methods such as smoking.

However, you might want to consult your doctor before you consume vaped CBD, especially if you are on any medications.

Here is a guide on everything you need to know about vaping CBD, including its benefits and how to do it.

Difference Between CBD Oil and CBD E-liquids

CBD oils exist in several forms, including CBD oil, CBD e-liquid, and cannabis resin oil. All these three forms are created in different states of viscosities.

CBD oil, just most vegetable oils, contains triglycerides which produce lousy by-products when burnt or vaporized. You should, therefore, not try to vaporize CBD oil.

Doing so will only bring your vape pen to total ruin.

CBD E-liquids, on the other hand, are uniquely designed for vaping. A thinning agent is added to CBD e-liquids to make them less viscous. They consist of a mixture of propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine, which easily vaporizes when burnt under low temperatures.

Types of Vapes to Buy for CBD E-liquids

CBD e-liquids have been substandard in quality in the past few years. Fortunately, numerous CBD brands exercise high standards of quality control from which you can pick the best vape. There are two types of vapes that you should consider buying for CBD vape oil:

Pen Style Vaporiser

This is the most common vaping equipment. It consists of a chamber with a heating coil inside it. The coil in the chamber holds the CBD vape oil put in it for vaporization.

One disadvantage with the pen vaporizer is that the coil in it wears out periodically, especially when an impure CBD vape oil is used. This requires the user to frequently replace the coil, which is an additional cost on your budget. The heating coil also breaks down and oxidizes after regular use.

This can result in metallic residues being induced into the smoke being inhaled, which is hazardous for human consumption.

Tank-Style Vapes

Tank-style vapes are popular for their production of vast clouds of vapor. They are ideally used to vaporize e-liquids. Tank-style vapes consist of an atomizer, a tank, and a heating coil. The atomizer is wrapped with materials of different nature such as silica wick, cotton, or nylon.

These materials are responsible for absorption of the e-liquid added in the tank. The absorbed e-liquid is then burnt by the heating coils, releasing the large amounts of smoke.

Tank-styles vapes are ideal for e-liquid vaping because they are cheap, have replaceable atomizers, and they are refillable.

There are two types of tank-style vaporizers: reusable and disposable vapes. Reusable tank-style vaporizers provide users with a capacity to add in the CBD e-liquid once depleted. The disposable vaporizers, on the other hand, come with prefilled cartridges that are disposable upon depletion.

Different types of vapes sell at a different range of prices. The average market price for average vapes ranges between USD 20 and USD 40. However, some vapes are way more costly than this range, depending on one’s taste.

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How to Vape CBD: Step by Step Guide

If you are wondering how vaping of CBD e-liquid is done, then no need to worry. The following are the steps that you should follow:

1. Get your vaporizer and the CBD e-liquid

If you do not have a vaporizer, then that is the first thing you might want to buy. You should also get A CBD e-liquid that has been tested and qualified to be of high quality. Most vaporizers will have preinstalled e-liquids, but you might need more additional ingestions.

2. Add the CBD e-liquid into the vaporizer

Where the vaporizer’s cartridge is empty, you will need to add in your e-liquid. You should wait for several minutes for the materials wrapping the heating coil to absorb the e-liquid properly.

3. Turn on the vape and enjoy

Once the e-liquid has been adequately soaked and absorbed into the heating coils, press the ‘turn-on’ button. Inhale the produced smoke through the mouthpiece of your vaporizer. Hold in the smoke in the lungs for some minutes before exhaling.

4. Use a CBD dosage calculator

To ensure that you do not inhale excessive amounts of the CBD e-liquid, use a CBD dosage calculator to determine how much CBD you should consume. Inhaling excess CBD at a go can be quite fatal to your liver and heart. That is why a moderate amount of CBD is recommended at a go.

5. Clean after use

Vapes can be home to bacteria, mold, and metal nanoparticles if not properly cleaned. Ensure you clean them properly after use and store them in a clean area, away from any contamination.

Unique Health Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

Anxiety relief

Research shows that vaping CBD oil has some unique therapeutic benefits. These benefits include the following:

Insomnia Treatment

CBD oil is proven to have healing capabilities for anxiety. Cannabidiol has some mood-regulating effects which can treat depression, stress, and other effects of anxiety. Ingestion of CBD is also able to suppress anxiety disorders such as Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Anti-inflammatory Effects

CBD oil induces minor drowsiness as one of the initial effects of CBD consumption. CBD vape oils tend to increase sleeping time amongst its users hence reducing insomnia. The non-insomnia users will also feel the impact of drowsiness, especially when they consume CBD oil in high doses.

Pain Relief

CBD has high proportions of anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are responsible for the alleviation of ailments such as diabetes type 1, cerebral ischemia, cancer, and arthritis.

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Studies show that CBD oil is a natural alternative to pain relief. CBD contains some properties that are responsible for its pain-relieving effects. Instead of using over the counter drugs, people experiencing pain can comfortably vape CBD for relief. It is also suitable for treating chronic pain.

Studies about Vaping CBD and Terpenes

Terpenes are among the many fragrant oils that the cannabis plant produces. Although Terpenes have been known for their tastes and aroma, they have some therapeutic value too.

Raphael Mechoulam concluded that all the ingredients produced by cannabis can function congruously for a more significant effect. This inference is referred to as the ‘entourage effect’.

This is backed by more studies, proving that CBD can produce better results when vaped with other cannabis ingredients such as Terpenes.

Vaping CBD and Terpenes can enhance numerous therapeutic benefits. Such benefits would include inducing relaxation, anti-inflammation effects, and stress relief.

A component in terpenes is known to have properties that can help the user calm their nerves. Therefore, when combined with CBD, you get a complete nerve-calming and stress relieving benefits.

Studies also show that terpenes help CBD to flow through the blood efficiently to produce faster results.

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