Depression Tattoos to Support Mental Health

  1. 25 Mental Health Tattoos Ideas & Symbols for Awareness
  2. Cloudy
  3. Love Yourself
  4. Light at the End of the Tunnel
  5. It’s Okay
  6. More Than Meets the Eye
  7. It’s Okay to Cry
  8. A Challenge
  9. Negative Voices
  10. Rain, Rain Go Away
  11. It Will Pass
  12. Really
  13. Layers
  14. It Can Take Hold
  15. Fuzzy
  16. It Can Feel a Monster
  17. Weighed Down
  18. Hold Yourself
  19. The Mind
  20. Delicate
  21. Keep Going
  22. Healing Takes Time
  23. Surreal
  24. Stay Strong
  25. What Inspiring Depression Tattoos Do People to Get?
  26. The Purpose and Power of Depression Tattoos
  27. Samples of Inspiring Depression Tattoos
  28. Top 25 Best Depression And Anxiety Tattoo Ideas
  29. What Do Depression Tattoos Symbolize?
  30. Minimalist Depression Tattoo Design
  31. Depression Semicolon Tattoo Design With Woman Print
  32. Depression Tattoo Small Flower Design
  33. Depression And Anxiety Tattoo With Black Woman Ink
  34. Depression Tattoo With Choke Word
  35. Black Skull Inspired Depression Tattoo
  36. Depression Tattoo Meaning With Red Symbols
  37. Small Depression Tattoo Over Forearm
  38. Overcoming Depression Tattoo With Red Symbol
  39. Scary Devil Inspired Depression Tattoo Symbol
  40. Not Today Depression Tattoo Ideas
  41. I’m Fine Depression Sign Tattoo
  42. Wrist Depression Tattoo Small Pictures Inspo
  43. This Too Shall Pass Depression Tattoo
  44. Depression Survivor Tattoo With A Date Over Wrist
  45. Black Ink Depression Tattoo Woman With Umbrella
  46. Sinking Ship Depression Tattoo
  47. Fragile Handle With Care Depression Tattoo Ideas
  48. Minimalist Depression Tattoo
  49. Clock Inspired Depression Survivor Tattoo
  50. I Refuse To Sink Depression Tattoo
  51. Latin Inspired Depression Tattoo
  52. Date Depression Tattoo For Men And Women
  53. Let God Depression Tattoo
  54. Broken Crayons Still Color Depression Tattoo
  55. Ready For Your New Tattoo?

25 Mental Health Tattoos Ideas & Symbols for Awareness

Depression Tattoos to Support Mental Health

Major depressive disorder is the most common mental health issue in the US. It touches the lives of millions of Americans each year and affects about 7% of the population.

Understanding and remedying depression is a lifetime struggle for many people.

Because it is such a huge part of our society, many people are trying to remove the stigma and let others know they are not alone by getting depression tattoos.

Tattoos are the most personal form of self-expression and when it comes to mental health, these tattoos become even more meaningful. Mental health tattoos come in all shapes, sizes, and subject matter.

Because no one’s individual fight with depression is the same, tattoos can range from hopeful and inspiring to expressing sadness and melancholia.

We decided to take a look at some of the latest designs people have shared on social media to get a better understanding of how people are manifesting their emotions. Here are 25 depression tattoos that prove no one is alone in their strife.


@sandee.tattoos (Source)

Depression can feel an ominous cloud looming over you and obstructing your vision. Here, we find a beautiful expression of that sentiment. You’ll see a number of cloud-themed tattoos on this list. It’s a powerful symbol.

Love Yourself

@onnerdal (Source)

The person with this tattoo shared that it’s a reminder to love yourself and practice self-care. The delicate flowers here offer a glimmer of hope.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

@bethblxcktattoos (Source)

Hope can be hard to come by if you’re suffering from depression. This person’s tattoo is a reminder to always look to the light at the end of the tunnel. Things will improve.

It’s Okay

@liliartattoo (Source)

“It’s okay to not be okay,” is a wonderful message that attempts to spread acceptance. You’ll notice the small butterfly is composed with a semicolon. It’s a popular mental health tattoo that many sufferers choose.

More Than Meets the Eye

@savshimi (Source)

The tattoo artist who shared this image wrote, “it is always mixed emotions creating these pieces based off of others anxiety or depression. if one thing though, its helped me realize i am not alone in /facing/ those pesky demons.”

It’s Okay to Cry

@tttypoholic (Source)

The messages from sympathetic artists are truly wonderful. The tattooed who did this design named it “drowning in tears.” They wrote:

“This was one of my most inspiring, intimate and emotional sessions so far! My customer is struggling from depression lately and her mood changes a lot.

So she asked me during the lockdown to design a tattoo for her that combines the three themes of depression, moodchanging and apnea (holding breath). This is it! Thank you G.

that you came to me with this intimate topic and trusted me! Thank you for the wonderful experience! You are such a lovely and strong Girl, please keep that in mind always. It was an honor to decorate your body with my art!”

A Challenge

@wittigtattoos (Source)

The person with this tattoo described it as a representation of their depression. They wrote, “knowing, that it will end and that the sun still shines.” We love the small flower coming from the chaotic squiggle and the cute little son on top.

Negative Voices

@hans_derabb_tattooer (Source)

It can be difficult for anyone to not let doubts or negative thoughts creep in. This tattoo shows how those detrimental voices can feel.

Rain, Rain Go Away

@gembear_tattoo (Source)

As we mentioned, clouds are popular symbols of depression because they bring darkness, rain, and fear. However, they always pass. This micro tattoo of a cloud is a helpful reminder of that.

It Will Pass

@kayyisacat (Source)

If you ask any tattoo artist what they tattoo the most, they’ll almost always tell you this phrase. “This too shall pass” the cloud is an affirmation that things do get better even when that seems impossible.


@tattoosbymattwear (Source)

This is a very cool design that shows a storm underneath the umbrella. You’ll see this motif often if you look at depression tattoos.


@studiomedusatattoo (Source)

For many dealing with depression, it can feel as if you’re wearing a mask to prove to the world that you’re okay. However, underneath that are many emotions inside. This gorgeous tattoo perfectly represents it.

It Can Take Hold

@inkspirationapp (Source)

This giant red hand represents depression and how it can take you prisoner. This creative design is one of the most effective on the list.


@secondtononetattoostx (Source)

The person with this tattoo explained that it was gotten to cover old scars. This deeply personal design represents a complicated time and we appreciate them sharing this image.

It Can Feel a Monster

@nina.tattooine (Source)

The person with this tattoo wrote that it is artwork about depression by Shawn Cross. We’d say they nailed it.

Weighed Down

@celestialfauntattoo (Source)

On Fiona Apple’s latest album, Fetch the Bolt Cutters (which happens to be the soundtrack to the pandemic), she wrote a song about depression called “Heavy Balloon.” The lyrics “People us we play with a heavy balloon / Keep it up to keep the devil at bay but it always falls way too soon.”

Hold Yourself

@stoney_panda (Source)

This very cool design represents depression for the person who got it. For some, it can feel being held by a monster.

The Mind (Source)

This happy/sad monster is pretty incredible in its simplicity. We love the handpoked look here which helps give the tattoo even more personality.


@peterlaeviv (Source)

This is a stunner. The tattoo artist created this original design as a first tattoo for his client. He shared the image along with the quote:

“Changing is not just changing the things outside of us. First of all we need the right view that transcends all notions including of being and non-being, creator and creature, mind and spirit. That kind of insight is crucial for transformation and healing.”

Keep Going

@oldcucamongatattoo (Source)

“And here I am living despite it all,” is an incredible quote for this tattoo. We love this meaningful and somber tattoo and its positive message.

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Healing Takes Time

@tattooist_ara (Source)

Here, we find a brain being medicated which is the perfect visual representation of treating depression. We love the fine, sharp lines the artist was able to use here. Great work!

Surreal (Source)

The person who shared this tattoo wrote that it is a surrealist representation of winning his fight with depression. This gorgeous design is both personal and thought-provoking.

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Stay Strong

@kitkatkathrin (Source)

“Stay strong,” is a beatufiul message of encouragement that pairs well with a beautiful rose and some geometric flourishes. We love a flower tattoo and this is one of our favorites.

There you go! 25 depression tattoos that tackle mental health and all of its complexities. We hope you enjoyed these designs and feel inspired and hopeful. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, visit where you can find resources and a helpline if you would to speak with someone.

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What Inspiring Depression Tattoos Do People to Get?

Depression Tattoos to Support Mental Health

Depression tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. With the body as a canvas, people are using their creativity, a character strength that helps people thrive despite challenges, to cope with depression in a positive way.

Depression tattoos are highly personal, messages from people to themselves or sometimes to make a statement to others. Anything that has personal significance makes an inspiring depression tattoo.

Here’s a glimpse of some art that others have embraced.

The Purpose and Power of Depression Tattoos

More than just pictures or words, tattoos about depression convey a deep message. Their purpose is as diverse and individual as their artistic expression. In general, this skin art serves multiple functions. Depression tattoos can:

  • Be coping strategies, reminding people of something important or providing encouragement whenever needed
  • Be conversation starters, encouraging others to remark or inquire and leading to open conversation.
  • Be a badge of honor, a continual reminder that you’re surviving
  • Act as a personal vision board, always with you and reminding you of what you’re living for
  • Honor a value or an ideal that you hold dear
  • Signal to others who are also living with depression, a way of silently but boldly reaching out for solidarity
  • Serve as personal symbols of victory over your illness (some who have contemplated suicide depict reminders of what they didn’t do)
  • Prompt you to take care of yourself, the proverbial string around your finger
  • Be a personal coach who’s always with you, reminding you of your purpose, your reason for persevering despite the pain
  • Be a beautiful way to cover emotional and physical scars, not to hide the scars in shame but to make them beautiful  
  • Ground you and remind you that depression hasn’t robbed you of who you are
  • Symbolize your depression at its worst
  • Symbolize your recovery
  • Serve as mindfulness or focus objects to help you change your thoughts in an instant
  • Be celebrations honoring important recovery milestones

Let the deep purpose of depression tattoos move you as you view these beautiful works of art.

Samples of Inspiring Depression Tattoos

Each individual selects tattoos that are personally meaningful. They take many forms, from the simple to the ornate.

You’ll notice the semicolon symbol in many of the tattoos below. This semicolon has become a powerful symbol of mental health struggles. The semicolon is a type of punctuation used to indicate a strong pause between two complete sentences.

A writer could choose to end a sentence; instead, though, they choose to pause rather than end. So, too, do many people struggling with depression.

Rather than choosing to end their “sentence,” they see their illness as a pause, and then they keep going, keep surviving, keep living.

  • 1. Semicolon transforming into birds

Sometimes, tattoos are words. A single word, a phrase, an inspiring quotation, line from a book, or lyric from a song.

  • 8. And here you are living despite it all
  • 10. Darling you’ll be okay
  • 11. I am terrified by this dark thing that sleeps in me
  • 12. I found within me an invincible summer
  • 15. She is a soldier at war with herself ]

Tattoos can be simple, yet strong, symbols. Some people even depict serotonin and dopamine, the neurochemicals that can play a big role in major depression.

  • 19. I am I am I am The Bell Jar
  • 21. Serotonin with phrase
  • 22. Serotonin and dopamine
  • 25. Storm cloud with sun ]

Depression tattoos can be elaborate, big and colorful with intricate designs covering large areas of the body.

article references

For those who wish to express themselves and find inspiration through this art form but are unsure about the committing to something this permanent, consider trying your hand at temporary tattoos.

Kits for creating beautiful, short-term tattoos are available from retailers.

These look just the real thing (they’re not the stickers of childhood), plus they offer the added benefit of allowing you to be the artist.

Tattoos are all different, and all are deeply personal and deeply meaningful. They have in common their symbolism and their ability to let people wear their heart on their sleeve and their soul on their skin.

For all their deep purpose, meaning, and expressive beauty, depression tattoos are powerfully simple in a very important way. If nothing else, tattoos about depression can be merely something that makes you happy and brings a little smile to your face when life does not.

APA Reference
Peterson, T. (2020, May 6). What Inspiring Depression Tattoos Do People to Get?, HealthyPlace. Retrieved on 2021, November 14 from—to-get


Top 25 Best Depression And Anxiety Tattoo Ideas

Depression Tattoos to Support Mental Health

Sometimes, depression can get real. A lot of men and younger women will experience one form of depression during their lifetime. However, the way you come it will define you as a person. You will experience different feelings in your lifetime, but knowing how to approach them the right way is essential. Here are some ways that will inspire you, and help you get through tough times!

What Do Depression Tattoos Symbolize?

Depression tattoos can tell a lot about the person. You will be able to show your vulnerable side with them, and you will let others know that you have had a rough time.

Depression is quite common. In fact, over 10% of Americans are battling with depression as you’re reading this article.

You can embrace your struggles with the appropriate tattoo design that we will talk about down below.

Minimalist Depression Tattoo Design

Image Source:

Depression tattoos will look cute over your forearm. This design is perfect for women who have been battling depression for a while, and it will suit you if you want something cute on top of your body.

No rain no flowers is super accurate and will look great on anyone who has been trying to come out stronger. This tattoo means that you will get to experience the good only once you’ve been through the bad.

Depression Semicolon Tattoo Design With Woman Print

Image Source:

A print of a woman who is important or quite big in your life can look great as your tattoo design. This print will suit you if you’re someone who is struggling with depression and you want to dedicate your tattoo to someone you love.

This design symbolizes your love and emotions for the other person. If you’re someone who wants to dedicate your feelings for the other individual, go with this tattoo.

Depression Tattoo Small Flower Design

Image Source:

You should always keep on fighting! It is important not to give up in life. Women will enjoy this feminine design, as well as the flower symbol over their arm or their forearm.

This tattoo will help you get through depression. It will also say that you’re strong and constantly fighting, which is great if you’re an actual warrior who has been through everything.

Depression And Anxiety Tattoo With Black Woman Ink

Image Source:

Heads up when it comes to this tattoo design since it will hurt. Stomach tattoos usually look great but are quite painful to place. This one is detailed and perfect for anyone who is into dark and mysterious tattoos.

This woman symbol will tell that you are a fan of strong individuals who have made it through in life. Nothing bad can put you down.

Depression Tattoo With Choke Word

Image Source:

This tattoo design is quite straightforward and it will suit women who want to show off and say their message loud and clear. It will take you 3-4 hours to place this tattoo over your arm.

This word and symbol “choke” is pretty unique and it will represent you as an individual who has been through a lot. We can all choke from time to time, especially in our own tears, but it is important how you come this in the end.

Black Skull Inspired Depression Tattoo

Image Source:

Are you afraid of death? Death symbols and skeletons are quite popular among guys who want scary tattoos, as well as something that is masculine yet has a story to tell. This design will look amazing on your ankle.

Death tattoos such as this one will show that you are not afraid of facing death. You might have been through this before in your lifetime, so why not embrace your powerful side and show everyone that you are not afraid of death anymore?

Depression Tattoo Meaning With Red Symbols

Image Source:

A fan of some colored ink? Thinking about getting something scary and noticeable on top of your skin? This bright red tattoo will suit anyone who is into scary pieces. It will take you 3-4 hours to place this masterpiece over your leg or your ankle.

Red usually symbolizes love and passion. How connected and passionate were you when it came to your depression? If it made a significant impact on you, get this little kid inspired tattoo that has been struggling, but has been through it all!

Small Depression Tattoo Over Forearm

Image Source:

This skeleton tattoo has the word depression written all over it loud and clear! Do you scary tattoo designs? This one will look amazing over your forearm. It is simple and small, which means that placing it won’t hurt as much.

This tattoo with the word depression screams for help but in a comic way! Are you a fan of funny tattoo designs, and you need something that is unique as well as easy to personalize? Get this skeleton!

Overcoming Depression Tattoo With Red Symbol

Image Source:

Artsy tattoos can also look unique and will symbolize depression in their own way, as well as your hidden dreams and passion. This depression tattoo will look great over your arm or your forearm. It will suit men who work out the best, as well as anyone who wants to stand out with something dramatic.

This piece of art symbolizes your paths. If you have had a rough path and you’re still struggling to adjust to this day, go for this depression tattoo! You can easily keep on adding loads of different elements to it. You can even embrace a sleeve, which is so great with this tattoo, and you will enjoy it more and more as you age, and as you add onto it.

Scary Devil Inspired Depression Tattoo Symbol

Image Source:

Want a scary-looking tattoo with horns? This piece of art is so different and beautiful, it will look amazing on your shoulder or your thighs. A pop of color will suit anyone who prefers a bit of symmetry and difference in their tattoos.

This image can represent the devil, literally! If you’ve been struggling or dealing with something for a while now and you have someone to blame, place them over your noticeable parts!

Not Today Depression Tattoo Ideas

Image Source:

Want to let others know that they can’t approach you how they believe or how they did in the past? This is the perfect tattoo for you. It will look amazing over your wrist and you will enjoy showing it off everywhere you go.

“Not today” will symbolize your will, as well as the path that you’re willing to take in order to avoid any thoughts of depression.

I’m Fine Depression Sign Tattoo

Image Source:

Fight off your depression with a dramatic and colorful tattoo. This one is perfect for anyone who is a fan of color, and green will symbolize your power as well as your positivity.

This tattoo is quite straightforward. Depression, stay away! You will let others know that you’re fine and that you’ve been through a lot in your lifetime, but you’ve come out a warrior!

Wrist Depression Tattoo Small Pictures Inspo

Image Source:

Do you feel sometimes you’re screaming for help? If so, this tattoo will suit you. It can be done on your wrist since everyone will get the message and you’ll let them know what’s going on with you.

Do you feel as if you need saving? Some people are scared to admit their true feelings. However, if you are not one of them, and you want to ask for help in the most obvious way, go with this tattoo.

This Too Shall Pass Depression Tattoo

Image Source:

Remind yourself that everything is going to pass. People worldwide are always struggling with something that they don’t want to share with the world. If your message is concrete and you’re an honest person, this wrist tattoo will look good on you.

This too shall pass will remind you that you’re always facing some battles, yet are coming them as a warrior. Time is the best medicine for you in this case, so take it easy and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Depression Survivor Tattoo With A Date Over Wrist

Image Source:

Do you have an important date that has made an impact during your lifetime? This tattoo design will suit you since it will symbolize any hardships that you’ve been through.

Remind yourself of what has shaped you. Get this tattoo over your wrist and make sure that your chosen design is meaningful to you, and that the date you end up placing is strong and concrete.

Black Ink Depression Tattoo Woman With Umbrella

Image Source:

Big shoulder tattoos and dramatic pieces will suit men who love to work out. This design is the perfect devil-inspired tattoo that will help you battle your depression by facing it and combating the right way!

This black ink shoulder tattoo with some rain droplets will remind you that everyone goes through different battles, but it is important to stay protected, safe, and sound! Using something to protect you at worst times will always come in handy.

Sinking Ship Depression Tattoo

Image Source:

Are you a fan of larger tattoos? Some people might prefer shoulder placements since they are attention-seeking and perfect for anyone who is trying to express their true colors and their real side.

Remind yourself that everything is fine and place this quote over a sinking ship! This way others will know that you’re a strong individual who has come everything as a fighter and as someone who is constantly trying.

Fragile Handle With Care Depression Tattoo Ideas

Saved Tattoo

Do you feel you’re fragile at times? It’s okay since all of us have bad days. This dark red ink with some details will suit men and women.

Fragile – handle with care is quite common among people who have struggled with a lot of things in their lifetime. If you’re depressed remind yourself to stay strong with this tattoo!

Minimalist Depression Tattoo

Image Source:

Are you a chemist? Or maybe someone who just loves to show their love and appreciation for chemical tattoos and similar symbols? This design will suit people who prefer smaller tattoos the best. You will also enjoy this design if you’re a minimalistic person.

It can present the chemical process that goes on in your brain and that happens once someone is depressed. It will also symbolize a long fight in your case with something chemical, so show that you’re stronger with this tattoo!

Clock Inspired Depression Survivor Tattoo

Image Source:

Remind yourself that you’re always strong. This compass tattoo will look great on men, as well as guys who smaller yet detailed pieces.

This black compass tattoo will say that you should stay strong and always hold on, no matter the given situation!

I Refuse To Sink Depression Tattoo

Image Source:

This smaller anchor tattoo is done with pure black ink and with some simple lines. If you are afraid of larger tattoos and you prefer something minimalistic, get this over your arm or your leg.

I refuse to sink will say that you’re always trying to hold on and succeed in every situation. If things do get messy, you can fix them! Remember that you’re powerful and get the anchor to symbolize this journey.

Latin Inspired Depression Tattoo

Image Source:

Latin is the langue of the dead, but it can still be an amazing tattoo design for people who prefer something fancy, as well as people who don’t want others to know the meaning right off the bat.

This tattoo means ‘’dead calm big mirror of my despair’’. This is a song by Charles Baudelaire, and is a sentimental piece that you will love if you prefer meaningful and sentimental tattoos.

Date Depression Tattoo For Men And Women

Image Source:

You can get a unique quote and place it over your forearm or your arm. This design will suit anyone who is grieving or experiencing a loss. It will take you 3 hours to achieve this depression inspired tattoo.

This saying “a piece of my heart lives in heaven” is a beautiful artwork. It will suit you if you’ve experienced a loss of any kind. You can feel the loss for your child, your partner, friend, or your parents. Something this sentimental will truly look great on anyone who is hurting and trying to recover from their loss.

Let God Depression Tattoo

Image Source:

Are you ready to let something happen in your life? Do you want a stronger and higher power to help you get through some bad times? This tattoo will suit you if you are a religious person!

‘’Let God’’ interfere in your life, and let him make a change in your life. Sometimes, a bit of faith is all that we need to get through some awful times.

Broken Crayons Still Color Depression Tattoo

Image Source:

Last, but not least, do you want this forearm tattoo? It is the perfect piece in simple ink that will take you 2-3 hours to place. It will look great on men, women, as well as teens who have been struggling with something major in their lifetime.

Broken crayons still color, how fascinating is this?! So much power is in one sentence, and everyone will enjoy getting something deep and sentimental over their arm. Remember that even at your worst, you are still highly loved, well-appreciated, as well as safe and sound.

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Ready For Your New Tattoo?

So, which tattoo was your biggest inspiration? Which design you cannot wait to place over your body? Each tattoo can be sentimental and meaningful, it is all about your preference and the story you want to tell. Let us know your favorite and must-have design!


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