Dating Sites for Single Parents

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Dating Sites for Single Parents

On mainstream online dating sites, there seem to be more people swiping for hookups than long-term relationships.

Plus, popular apps and websites often don’t have a place outside of the bio to give more detail about your family situation.

Dating a single parent with kids in tow isn’t right for everyone, which is why some of the best dating apps cater just for single parents.

Whether you’re recently single after the stress of a divorce or you’ve been single with kids for a long time, single parent dating apps are a great way to connect with -minded people with the same interests and experiences as you.

Being a single dad or single mum can be challenging, and is a full-time job in itself. Juggling work, social life, and raising children that are happy and healthy isn’t always easy, especially without the daily support of a loving partner.

For many single parents, time limitations of a 24-hour day make getting back into dating difficult.

With limited hours in the week for your own needs, dating can often fall to the bottom of the to-do list.

There can be feelings of loneliness and a risk of a potential midlife crisis, which is why it’s good to meet single parents who are in a similar situation to you through single parent dating apps.

Dating other single parents mean you’ll both enter a relationship with the same set of circumstances and expectations, and will appreciate that kids come first. Single parent dating sites offer a safe and easy way for single parents to meet. Our reviews let you decide the best one for you, so you can find love and create your very own patchwork family.

What is the best dating app for single parents?

There are lots of online dating sites and apps to join for those looking to meet single parents. If you’re just getting back into the dating game, how do you know where to start and what the best single parent dating site is for you?

The best dating site for you

You can register and search for other single parents on most dating sites for free. Many online free dating sites and apps also have a premium service, which offers additional benefits and features once you’ve subscribed. You’ll be able to get a feel for how the site works before you commit to a premium subscription.

There are different subscriptions you can choose from if you do decide to become a premium member, with many sites offering discounts on certain sign-up packages.

Finding a single parent dating site you can trust is important. Many sites are members of the Online Dating Association to ensure a safe and secure online dating experience, and will also take measure to safeguard you against scams, fake profiles, any unsolicited contact and will protect credit card information.

Simple sign up and easy-to-use features

Sign up is quick and easy, and creating your profile takes minutes on most single dating sites. There are plenty of innovative features that will help you navigate the single-parent dating scene.

Whether free messaging appeals to you most or having more tailored matches, you can choose what single parent dating apps to join what features are most important to you.

Connecting with other singles

Online dating sites have thousands of single parent members on their database that you can browse and connect with. Innovative algorithms help you connect with single parents personality, location and interests, so you can narrow down your search and find more in common than just having children.

You can download app versions of online dating sites too, so you can search and swipe for potential matches when you’re on the go. These apps are often free to download and will have many of the same smart features as the desktop site.

Challenges of dating another single parent?

Although dating sites and apps make finding a potential match easier, dating another single parent comes with its own challenges.

Spontaneity is a thing of the past

Dating can be complicated at the best of times. Adding kids into the mix can make it even more difficult. It doesn’t have to be impossible to juggle dates around children, but last-minute plans just aren’t possible. Although you might not get much spontaneity when it comes to dating a single mom or dad, you’ll certainly value the time you spend together more.

Clash of parenting style

We all have our own styles of parenting and can take criticism of our methods personally, so it’s worth remembering not to give your opinion about someone’s parenting unless it’s asked for. If your date has specific parenting methods you don’t agree with, and it’s a dating deal-breaker for you, then it’s best to make your exit. It’s important to be compatible in this department.

Telling the kids

Although it might be exciting to start a new relationship, you should be cautious in sharing information about new partners with your children.

If for any reason your relationship doesn’t work out, it can be devastating to kids who may have already experienced the pain of their parent’s divorce.

You could also find it difficult if you’ve got close to your partner’s children only for you both to go your separate ways.

Don’t include your children in the relationship until you are seriously considering a committed, long-term relationship.

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Why is a single parent the best partner for you?

Dating another single parent can help smooth the way at the beginning of a relationship, as you’re both coming from a similar situation. Meeting someone -minded who understands your situation means you’ll be less ly to waste time dating someone who doesn’t recognise the challenges or struggles that come with having children.

Single parent dating sites are dedicated to helping single parents find a partner who has the same values and interests, and who understands what it is to have a family.

Single Parent Dating FAQ

Dating as a single parent naturally has a world of challenges involved, and that’s even before you start to look for love online. To help you out with the dating bit, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions to get you started at a pace that works for you.

Very involved. You should really see whether your children actually your date and get along with him or her. Even if you really click with this person, if there’s tension between your kids and them it won’t go well in the long run.

Remember, your kids take priority here.It’s frustrating to hear, as you may really be struggling to find a romantic partner in your situation.

However, if they don’t get along with your kids either then it really won’t work in the long run, and could lead to some serious issues.

In short, take your kids’ opinions about your date seriously.


The Best Single Parents Dating Sites and Apps

Dating Sites for Single Parents

You’re single, you’re a mom, you have a job—and you want to date. Me too.

So before you tell me it’s impossible, I offer you this: Anything is possible! I know, I know, the logistics of dating as a solo parent who’s working to provide for her family can get tough.

I’m right there in the trenches online at single parents' dating sites and on apps, looking for love and, mostly, looking to stay trouble. Sometimes it seems I’m swimming in a very shallow dating pool, but I haven’t given up and taken in 50 cats. Yet.

So here’s the lowdown on dating sites I’ve tried as a SWM (single working mother). You should try too. And remember: You can do it at home, at night after the kids go to bed, in your pajamas if you want.

Phone Apps

Pros: Tinder is quick and easy. You set it up through your account and set your preferences within minutes. You won’t waste time filling out large forms and questionnaires, and your pictures are right there on . (Caveat: Don’t use photos of you with your kids or of them alone, for their safety. You never know.

) Whether you identify as straight or LGBTQ, you will find matches, making this a good app for all. Searching for matches is super simple. Once you’ve set age and distance preferences, you start swiping.

A simple swipe left, and that dream guy is gone forever; a simple swipe right, and he could end up a match for life! Not to mention, it is a pretty popular app, so there is a big pool of people to choose from.

Cons: You might find some sketchy profiles. Tinder does have a reputation for being a «hook-up app,» but not everyone is just down to fool around. I found that many people don’t give a ton of information, so you might have a lot of matches that go nowhere.

From search alone you only know age and distance (sometimes the person’s job title and alma mater), and then it’s up to the men to fill in the blanks briefly with some profile description.

Some potential candidates don’t even write a thing! This leaves you wondering things :

  • How tall is he/she?
  • What does this person do?
  • Is this match divorced, separated or single?

The list goes on. The two most frustrating aspects about Tinder: One: since the app picks up where the person is using Wi-Fi and not necessarily where the person lives, you might match with people who are passing through town—but way too far away for a real relationship.

Two: once you swipe left, the person is gone for life unless you purchase an upgrade with the ability to take back your “swiping decision.” Plus, in my experience, this site seems to be loaded with men who are simply collecting matches and “liking” you because they’re bored and need something to look at.

(Yeah, I said that—and some of my guy friends even agreed with this!) But, mind you, this is probably the same scenario for every app.

In short, you’ll have to hunt hard to strike gold.

Pros: What makes it unique is women have to pitch the first message. Guys cannot contact you first. This is a huge pro. Tinder, Bumble is easy to set up.

It uses your information and within seconds, voila! There you are, pretty as a picture in your new profile. While I've come across one or two saucy gentlemen, for the most part the men wanted to go on dates pretty quickly.

(My experience with Tinder was that men could waste your precious single-mom minutes messaging you back and forth.) Bumble’s biggest plus: You can “take back” a negative, left swipe for free a few times within a day, un Tinder.

So if you make a mistake or want a second look at someone, you can backtrack and revisit a potential match. This app also is LGBTQ-friendly. Plus, it has a better reputation for being more conducive to relationships.

Cons: on Tinder, you’re searching matches knowing very little about them.

This feels a waste of time when you match with someone only to find out that, bam, you’ve got no desire to go out with this jobless fool! I did notice that Bumble users were more apt to fill out the profiles with personal info as compared to Tinder, however. There is also a time limit for you to message the match and for the person to respond, which is annoying, especially because the app can be glitchy.

Bumble has made a few updates that are really helpful to combat the typical dating app woes:

  • This app also uses Wi-Fi to pick up a match’s location, but if a person shares where he or she lives, you can find out not only the person’s current location, but the match’s hometown, which makes choosing to swipe right or not much easier.
  • The app offers you the chance to use two free filters without charge, so you can filter matches anything from height to whether or not the person is active or a smoker.

Pros: It’s supposed to be an app for people who want a relationship, which means you should be able to avoid the whole hook-up culture and people claiming to be in “open marriages” or ethically non-monogamous folks.

The app strives to be more engaging than others, by having you “” potential matches’ photos or profile info or questions. The app asks you for more information than other apps—but you can make some information private if you or not.

It really doesn’t take long to fill out at all, even though it asks for more detailed information than Bumble or Tinder.

Cons: If you’re a “free user” and not paying to upgrade, you can only 10 matches a day. The app tends to skew toward a younger demographic, in their 20s and 30s, which might or might not be an issue for you. One unique thing my straight female friend found was a ton of scam artists.

I couldn’t understand why an app that claims that at least 70 to 80 percent of users are looking for real relationships would have such a thing, but my guess is because the app touts that it's “designed to be deleted,” scammers are capitalizing on people who are openly looking for love and might be vulnerable.

Additional apps to try:

  • JSwipe
  • Coffee meets bagel

Best things about apps:

  • They’re free unless you go for upgrades.
  • Easy to install and run a profile in seconds.
  • Un websites, creepy people your age range and distance cannot contact you.

Phone apps are quick to install and use but often come with glitches. Messages often freeze or are never received. Additionally, because men tend to simply look at the photos without reading the profile blurb, some were caught off-guard and turned off when they discovered I was a mom. Not my problem!


Pros: Match is well-known, so there's a fair selection of guys (though I can’t promise they’ll be great). Match lets you narrow your search terms, including whether your date has kids and his income range.

Photos are easy to upload, and you can pick and choose how many questions you want to answer or leave blank. Match also hosts meet-ups, which are great, but be prepared: If you live in the suburbs, you will have to go to the nearest city to attend. To message people, you have to pay for a subscription.

The pro here is that people who are paying are more ly to message back and make dates. This site is LGBTQ friendly.

Cons: A website is more difficult and takes more time than an app, hands down.

However, you can filter your matches better, and you can download the Match app if you, me, are on the go! You will get emailed by anyone and everyone, though, whether they’re in your search parameters or not, so be prepared.

Also, it’s difficult to use the site for a trial period to see if you want to pay for a subscription. I recommend signing up when you can find a Groupon. I’ve seen a lot of people succeed on Match, so if you’re going to pay for a service, this is probably it.

Single Parent Meet
Pros: The site doesn’t ask for copious amounts of information, but there are questions and places to “display” your personality. It’s easy to upload your photos as well, so setting up your profile won’t take long. You can narrow your search to weed out certain things you don’t want. This site is LGBTQ friendly.

Cons: In my location, the majority of men were older than 55 or had “questionable” single-parent statuses. I wouldn’t be surprised if some were never single parents and simply thought a single mom might be “easy prey.” I deleted my account quickly, having found the dating pool here to be unbelievably shallow. You might have a different experience.

The quick and dirty: eHarmony worked well for a few of my friends—but none of them were single parents. If you live in a city, chances are you’ll find people nearby to connect with; if you live in the suburbs, prepare for matches 50 miles away. Not practical for a single working mother.

They do a nice job with their psychological tests, bound to introduce you to better matches, but the process is long and it costs money. Overall, I recommend avoiding this site unless you have time to set up the profile, want to pay for the features and don’t mind meeting people halfway across your state. This site is not LGBTQ friendly.

The quick and dirty: OkCupid is free (yay!) and works other web dating sites—you use specific search parameters to filter through matches, which makes your hunt easier.

The general profile page is easy to fill out, but there are a billion different questions you can expand on to determine if you’re a match or someone’s “enemy.” A lot of the questions can be good, but fair warning: Some here are racy.

I got a few decent dates from OkCupid, but I also got a ton of messages from guys looking for a MILF (barf), or who fake their profiles (adding kids) to scam me. This site is LGBTQ friendly.

The quick and dirty: Plenty of Fish has a lot of users—supposedly 90 million across the globe—which means you have plenty of options to choose from. The site and app is free, however if you want certain features, you’ll have to pay.

This site doesn’t tap into any of your social media sites to draw information from, but you can take your photos from there if you . The profile does ask you to give a lot of information, so this should help you find better matches.

But due to the size of the site, don’t be surprised if you get a lot of “fish guts” (bad matches).

Websites allow you to upload more photos than apps, and you can narrow your search parameters. But they usually take more time to set up. And be prepared to get hit up by creeps or people outside of your dating search terms.

Additional sites to try:

  • JDate
  • Zoosk
  • Silver Singles
  • Elite Singles

The bottom line, ladies? Make time to date. Will you have the same ease and time you had before you became Mommy? No—but you deserve to have love in your life!


Single Parent Dating Apps

Dating Sites for Single Parents

Having your child is probably one of the most beautiful things that’s ever happened in your life. But sometimes, the logistics of it all can make dating and finding a new relationship a little more challenging. Thankfully, single parent dating apps provide a great way for single moms and single dads to meet that special someone.

1. eHarmony

The number one single parent dating app is hands-down, no question—eHarmony. The dating site is aimed at singles that are looking for more than just a casual fling. Ideally, the site is designed to help people get to know other singles looking for something more serious. Profiles on the site give you plenty of space to show details about your life and your family situation.

Additionally, the high-powered matching algorithms work hard to help match you with people that either already also have kids, are open to relationships with people who have kids, or are looking to date a single mom or a single dad. If you’re serious about finding someone special, you have got to check out eHarmony right now. It’s no-questing the best single parent dating app on the market.

2. Christian Mingle

Are you a single mom or a single dad who is also a Christian? If you are, Christian Mingle may be one of the best single parent dating apps you can join. The site has millions of Christian singles that are looking to date and meet someone special. Additionally, there are plenty of search and profile functions that allow you to find people that are open to dating single parents.

3. Zoosk

Just because you’re a single parent doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have as many options to find love as people who haven’t gotten to experience the blessing of having children.

And for that reason, we think Zoosk is a great option for single moms and dads.

There are over 40 million accounts on there, which means plenty of people to choose from that are looking for casual dating or serious relationships.

4. Catholic Match

Catholic single parents are in luck! Catholic Match is one of the top single parent dating apps out there. The site is extremely welcoming of all people, including single moms and single dads.

There are plenty of spaces on your profile to detail your life and family situation, so you can ensure you meet someone open to dating a single parent.

If you’re Catholic and a single dad or single mom, you’ve got to give this app a try.

5 Reasons These Are the Best Single Parent Dating Apps

  1. Millions of active singles open to dating single parents
  2. Quality mobile app interface that makes finding the right singles easier
  3. Compatible with Google, Apple, and Android mobile devices
  4. Affordable pricing
  5. Free trial offers to get you started

How to Use Single Parent Dating Apps

Here are some really helpful tips to get you started the right way when you’re dating online as a single mom or a single dad. You deserve to find someone special, and these tips will help you find them the right way.

Be Open About Your Family Situation

Online dating lets you connect with millions of singles all around the world. Because of that, there’s no reason ever to hide your family situation.

You’ll find tons of men and women that are open to dating single parents. The only thing that might turn them off is if you try and hide it at the beginning.

Be open about who you are and your life situation, and you’ll find lots of success.

Know Your Boundaries Before You Start

Before you even download any single parent dating apps, determine what your boundaries are going to be. How much information are you going to share about your children? How long into a relationship will you introduce someone to your child? These are simple questions, but they are important ones. It’s much easier to figure out the answers before you start chatting with other people.

Invest In Yourself and Your Family’s Future

We understand that money can be tight sometimes as a single mom or a single dad. That being said, online dating is one of those industries where you’re going to get out what you put into it.

If you only use free dating sites, you’re going to run into a lot of flaky people, riff raff, and people just trying to hook up.

If you’re looking for something a little more meaningful, you probably want to pay to join a single parent dating app.

The good news is that most online dating sites are very inexpensive. And what’s great is that we set you up with some free trial links at the top and bottom of this guide to help you test things out completely free. Only after you find a site that you should you ever get a paid membership. Your family and your happiness should be important to you. It’s okay to invest in things that matter.

Best Dating Apps for Single Dads

If you’re a single dad looking for a serious relationship, you’ve got a lot of options. Below, we’ve linked to our guide on the best dating apps for dads.

Spoiler alert, you will see a lot of crossover between this list and that list because the sites and apps that are great for single dads are also great for single moms! Still, we wanted a place in case there is some variation on what we think is best for you.

  • Best Single Dad Dating Sites

Best Dating Apps for Single Moms

Single moms have unique challenges that can make dating tricky. Luckily, the right dating apps for single moms know how to meet these challenges.

If you’re feeling on your own and you’re ready to meet that special someone, give these dating apps a try. As you might expect, there will be a lot of crossover between this list and that list as they serve similar purposes.

But this does give us an avenue to highlight any sites or apps that are especially great for single moms.

  • Best Single Mom Dating Sites

Single Parent Dating App Free Trials

Ready to give one of these single parent dating apps a try? Good! Yes, we’re excited for you. At the top of the page, you’ll find some helpful links to free trials.

All you have to do is click the link and you’ll automatically get set up with a free trial account. From there, you can start to see which apps are right for you and which you’re not a fan of.

You’re just minutes away from starting your journey to find that special someone.

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