10 Things to Do on Your Birthday Alone

  1. 12 Things To Do On Your Birthday Alone
  2. Read A book / Write A Book
  3. Movie Marathon
  4. Pamper Yourself
  5. 25 things to do on your birthday (the best one yet!)
  6. 2. Go on a birthday scavenger hunt adventure:
  7. 4. Catch a movie at the drive-in theatre:
  8. 5. Play laser tag:
  9. 6. Host a virtual happy
  10. 7. Treat yourself to a spa day:
  11. 8. Find a new, out-of-this-world outfit:
  12. 9. Eat an elaborate meal:
  13. 10. Host an amazing virtual birthday party:
  14. 12. Host a sleepover:
  15. 13. Host a board game night:
  16. 14. Splash around:
  17. 15. Carve out some quiet time:
  18. 16. Do a birthday photoshoot:
  19. 18. Go camping:
  20. 20. Go on your dream vacation:
  21. 21. Get cultured:
  22. 22. Make something:
  23. 23. Spend the day in bed:
  24. 24. Go to a concert or dance party:
  25. 25 Cool Ways To Spend Your Birthday Alone(Pandemic-Friendly)
  26. Is It OK To Be Alone On Your Birthday?
  27. What To Do For Your Birthday When You Are Alone?
  28. 1.An At-Home Spa Day
  29. 2.Tone Your Hair
  30. 3.Put Some Makeup On/ Watch A Makeup Tutorial
  31. 4.Get New Comfy Home Clothes
  32. 5.Video Call Your Friends/Family
  33. 6.(Virtual)Museum Visit
  34. 7.(Virtual) Painting Lesson
  35. 8.(Virtual) Cooking/Crafts Classes
  36. 9.Try A New Cuisine
  37. 10.Order A Fancy Takeout
  38. 11.Bake A Birthday Cake/Make Homemade Icecream
  39. 12.Do Self Photography/ Photoshoot
  40. 13.(Online)Shopping Spree
  41. 14.(Online) Dancing Class
  42. 15.Go For A High Tea(Or Get It Delivered)
  43. 16.Have A Picnic
  44. 17.Movie Night
  45. 18.Do High Ropes
  46. 19.Weekend Travel
  47. 20.Day Trip
  48. 21.Indoor Skydiving
  49. 22.Family Day
  50. 23.Day At The Beach
  51. 24.Watch A Game
  52. 25.Go horse riding
  53. Conclusion
  54. 8 Simple Things To Do on Your Birthday Alone ⋆ A July Dreamer
  55. Things To Do On Your Birthday Alone
  56. Go For A Walk
  57. Go To The Movies
  58. Read A Book
  59. Show Gratitude
  60. Volunter Your Time
  61. Go On Holiday Solo
  62. Start Afresh
  63. Enjoy Your Daily Routine
  64. Happy Birthday To Me!!
  65. 13 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday Alone
  66. 6. Have a cozy read-a-thon
  67. 7. Whip up a bar-worthy fancy cocktail or mocktail
  68. 8. Go down memory lane of old birthdays
  69. 9. Bake yourself a damn birthday cake (or dessert of your choosing)
  70. 10. Journal about your year
  71. 11. Spend some time in nature
  72. 12. Do some aimless online shopping
  73. 13. Decorate anyway

12 Things To Do On Your Birthday Alone

10 Things to Do on Your Birthday Alone

There are plenty of things to do on your birthday alone to ensure a spectacular day. Celebrating another rotation around the sun doesn’t always have to end with a big bash and lots of balloons.

In fact, as we age, the concept of the birthday evolves. Some shy away from celebrating completely. If you are one of those individuals, here are a variety of ideas you can do alone that will guarantee a great night in.

What are some ways to celebrate your birthday alone? You could read a book, have a movie marathon, pamper yourself, go out to eat, or even play tourist in your own city – just to name a few.

For a complete list of ideas to consider for your big day, check out my suggestions below.

Read A book / Write A Book

You probably have that one book that you’ve wanted to read for a long time but could never find the right moment. Well, grab it! What better day to find a comfortable, warm spot and melt away into an adventure than on your birthday?

Better yet, how about writing that book that you’ve always wanted to explore? You have the idea. It’s been sitting with you for ages. Use this day as the moment you open the valves and finally release your creativity onto some blank pages. What will happen if you begin? Anything and everything!

Movie Marathon

Speaking of escaping to another world, movies will help you do just that. Sometimes we just don’t have the stamina to get through a 600-page book. Instead, opt for a great movie and use it as a way to unwind and escape from this world’s madness.

Personally, nothing is more entertaining to me than a great movie! I love Korean horror flicks and usually get whisked away on a nightly basis. You know what brings you true joy. Find a few of those titles and dive in.

Pamper Yourself

If there is ever the right time to pamper yourself, it’s on your birthday. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this on a regular basis, but let’s amp up those numbers on your big day!

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25 things to do on your birthday (the best one yet!)

10 Things to Do on Your Birthday Alone

It’s about to be your birthday! (Yay!) It’s time to start planning how you want to celebrate. If you’re anything us, you struggle to come up with ideas of birthday activities that are equal parts fun and special.

You want to feel royalty because this is the one day a year that you can wear a crown without judgment. We’re here to help you have your best birthday yet with this epic list of 25 (yes 2-5!) things to do on your birthday.

When it’s your big day, all you have to do is come back to this list and start checking things off. Or if you are looking for virtual ideas, check out our ultimate virtual birthday planning guide.

Don’t you want to feel accomplished and empowered on your birthday? Climbing a mountain will do just that. When you’re standing at the summit, looking over the horizon, you’ll feel ready to take on a new year of life.

2. Go on a birthday scavenger hunt adventure:

Gather your friends and do something totally different! Explore your city and complete outrageous birthday-themed challenges on a scavenger hunt that will have everyone buzzing.


Feel a little kid again! Ride the scariest roller coasters, eat delicious fried food, and see if you can get a friend to win a prize for you at ring toss. 

4. Catch a movie at the drive-in theatre:

You’ll feel you’re stepping back in time, or into the movie Grease. Eat your favorite snacks and sip your favorite drink as you watch a film under the stars.

5. Play laser tag:

Whether you’re 10 or 70, laser tag is one of the most undeniable fun things to do on your birthday. Find one near you and get ready to take the other teams down!

6. Host a virtual happy

Wine not? Hosting a virtual happy hour with your friends is a super easy task that requires almost 0 planning. Check out our virtual happy hour drink & cocktail guide.

7. Treat yourself to a spa day:

Indulge a little! Get a massage, get your nails done, wear a face mask. Let the stress melt off of you as you head into a new year. 

8. Find a new, out-of-this-world outfit:

Go shopping (in person or online) and get a literal birthday suit. Put in on, and you’ll be ready to party.

9. Eat an elaborate meal:

If you’re a foodie, your birthday is a special day where you can eat whatever you want, as much as you’re hungry for, with no guilt. “Pig out!”

10. Host an amazing virtual birthday party:

Gather your favorite people for a remote celebration! We love virtual birthday parties because they allow you to bring people from around the world together. Let’s Roam’s version has embedded video chat and five rounds of fun ‘birthday-themed’ games for the perfect remote celebration.

Some people don’t want their birthday to be all about them and prefer to spread the love to those less fortunate. If you’re one of those people, sing up to volunteer on your birthday. Giving back can be the best gift of all!

12. Host a sleepover:

Recreate your middle school days by inviting your best friends over, play truth or dare, do each other’s hair, watch nostalgic movies and stay up late gossiping. 

13. Host a board game night:

If you love playing board games as much as we do, then hosting a board game night is the ideal way to celebrate. Play all your favorite games and see if your friends let you win just because it’s your birthday

14. Splash around:

Head to your nearest reservoir, river, beach, or lake. Splash around, go swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, boating…just get wet!

15. Carve out some quiet time:

Let your mind drift off as you lean into the zen and let yourself fully relax. It’s called “me time” and it’s important. 

16. Do a birthday photoshoot:

You deserve to feel the star you are! Hire a photographer (or ask a friend) to take stunning b-day photos of you in a location of your choosing. Have fun with it, glamazon!

18. Go camping:

a birthday retreat could be just what the doctor ordered. Roast marshmallows and celebrate under the stars.

20. Go on your dream vacation:

Why wait? Your big day is the perfect excuse to jet-set.

21. Get cultured:

Go to a museum, take in a play, experience the incredible art in your city.

22. Make something:

Give yourself the gift of your very own masterpiece. Paint, draw, make jewelry. Unleash your creative side.

23. Spend the day in bed:

Eat in bed, drink in bed, read in bed, and feel no guilt!

24. Go to a concert or dance party:

Music is good for the soul. Feed your soul by going to an awesome concert or by hosting a dance party at home. There’s nothing better.

Go skydiving, ATVing, white-water rafting, hot-air balloon riding, something that feels different and exciting to launch you into your new year!

Birthday star, it’s time to step into the spotlight! You are a very special person who deserves to feel amazing on your birthday. We hope that this list can be a helpful guide when you’re looking for things to do on your birthday.

We can’t wait to see some of these ideas in action! If you are still looking for some socially-distant ideas, here is our socially distant birthday guide. May you feel birthday love from all over the world- we’ll be sending some.

Happy birthday!


Источник: https://www.letsroam.com/explorer/things-to-do-on-your-birthday/

25 Cool Ways To Spend Your Birthday Alone(Pandemic-Friendly)

10 Things to Do on Your Birthday Alone

Since we were little children, the idea that a birthday celebration means having a party involving at least a few other people has become deeply entrenched in our minds. But is that really necessary to have other people around you to enjoy your very special day? Let’s find out.

Is It OK To Be Alone On Your Birthday?

The answer is yes! Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, that’s the beauty of it.

Your circumstances for being alone on your birthday might differ, but the fact that you shouldn’t get bogged down in feeling lonely and miserable just because you are alone is undoubtful.

It gives you a unique chance to do what you want on this special day, use it to your advantage!

After all, you can spend this day reflecting on what you want to do in life or opt for going out and having fun on your own. In other words, it’s totally up to you what to do, so embrace it. Since we started talking about how to spend your birthday if you happened to be alone, let’s dig deeper into this topic.

What To Do For Your Birthday When You Are Alone?

So now I am going to tell you my favorite ways to spend your birthday in the company of just your beautiful self. I will do my best to include activities suitable for different budgets, time of year, and social distancing.

1.An At-Home Spa Day

Birthday is all about the much-needed self-care we all deserve. So let’s start off with organizing a spa place right in your bathroom.

Get a few face masks that you really , a bath bomb, maybe a few new face and body care products that are a bit your price range usually, and kickstart your birthday morning by looking after yourself. That will make you feel better for the rest of the day.

2.Tone Your Hair

If you feel there aren’t enough bright colors in your life and you want to change your appearance in a not so drastic and permanent manner, hair toner to the rescue! They will last around 4-8 weeks and won’t hurt your hair, so why don’t you give it a try! You can do tips only, it will still be something new and exciting.

3.Put Some Makeup On/ Watch A Makeup Tutorial

Even if you are alone on your birthday and not going to go anywhere, you should make yourself feel special by putting your favorite makeup on. You can even experiment and sign up for a makeup class online to learn new skills.

4.Get New Comfy Home Clothes

Regardless of whether you are planning to go out on your birthday or not, a few days before the day comes, shop for some new comfortable items of clothes that you can wear at home. Once you wake up on the morning of your birthday, putting on new clothes will make the day feel special.

5.Video Call Your Friends/Family

Can you even be fully alone in the 21st century? I don’t think so. Prior to your birthday, set up a few video calls with your nearest and dearest, that is a wonderful way to not feel lonely even if you happened to be alone on your birthday. You can even arrange to have a few drinks and some food with them over the internet to make it feel a real celebration.

6.(Virtual)Museum Visit

If you seek something more intellectual, this is the right option for you. You won’t feel lonely because your brain will be occupied by looking at the fantastic artworks of your choice.

Make sure to rent out an audio guide to keep you company. During the pandemic, many famous museums, the British Museum in London, offer virtual tours.

This way you can enjoy the culture even without leaving your room.

7.(Virtual) Painting Lesson

Why don’t you try painting a real picture? There are a lot of companies that will not only provide you with all the necessary equipment and guidance but also pour you a nice glass of wine. During pandemic times these classes can be held online as well.

8.(Virtual) Cooking/Crafts Classes

Make sure you go and check out different online virtual experiences that have literally exploded with the start of the pandemic. Airbnb hosts a lot of virtual experiences that, those can be a great way to distract yourself from being lonely on your birthday and have fun in the process.

9.Try A New Cuisine

Have you ever tried Greek, or, for instance, Korean cuisine? Your birthday can be a great occasion to do so. You can either check out the recipes online and try to cook it all on your own or use a company that can hook you up with all the necessary ingredients and instructions.

10.Order A Fancy Takeout

By this, I don’t mean ordering the most expensive dish on the menu in your regular Chinese restaurant. Check out some of the best restaurants in your city and see if they provide some food experiences rather than simple takeouts. If your budget allows, watch the video below, those sushi look amazing!

11.Bake A Birthday Cake/Make Homemade Icecream

This can be another fun activity if you happened to spend your birthday on your own and have access to the oven.

All of us have our favorite type of cake, so baking it and then decorating after will make your birthday truly special. The same goes for ice cream. If you are not much of a baker, ice cream is your safe bet.

You can put all your favorite ingredients in it and as much chocolate as you want to.

12.Do Self Photography/ Photoshoot

The fact that you are alone doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of having memorable photos. So find a nice location( it can be a park or some beautiful slightly deserted street), take your phone/camera, a tripod, and you are all set for your very own photoshoot.

13.(Online)Shopping Spree

Birthday is the time to treat yourself. So set your budget and spend some time thinking about the things you really wanted to buy for quite some time, but never actually ended up doing so. It doesn’t necessarily have to be clothes. For example, I wanted new curtains for my room for so long, and now I finally ordered them as my birthday present to myself.

14.(Online) Dancing Class

This is a fantastic option to spend your birthday alone. You can choose any dancing type you want, starting from a more conventional Zumba to something more exotic, hula or belly dancing.

15.Go For A High Tea(Or Get It Delivered)

They always say that you should feel a queen on your birthday, right? So you can just go ahead and book yourself(most of the time you do need to book them in advance) a lovely afternoon high tea set.

I am sure you will not only enjoy the food but will feel truly special despite being on your own.

I know in England you can even get the high tea set delivered to your house, I hope you can do the same in the USA.

16.Have A Picnic

Having a picnic in a beautiful park can be a great way to spend your birthday alone. You can get a nice picnic basket, some sandwiches/cakes ready, take your favorite book with you or, perhaps, a laptop, to enjoy that movie that you have been meaning to watch or rewatch for a while, and enjoy the time in nature!

17.Movie Night

Since we started talking about moves, visiting a cinema, especially the open-air one, can be a great way to celebrate on your own. Just imagine, you won’t have to share the popcorn with anyone!

18.Do High Ropes

Another pandemic-friendly fun activity that you can do on your own. The track is always marked and you know where to go, so don’t worry, you won’t get lost. You can enjoy doing a bit of exercise and nature on your birthday if you choose this variant.

19.Weekend Travel

Provided you have a car, it is another safe option. Why don’t you drive somewhere close enough to your home so you’ve been postponing doing this for ages? A friend of mine lives 3 hours away from London but has never visited it until recently. Crazy, right?

20.Day Trip

If going somewhere far isn’t an option, you can simply discover new places near your home.

Think about the part of the city you have never visited, a park located a bit too far from you so you never had time to discover it before or some historic street with beautiful buildings that is worth walking along.

After you have finished looking around, you can grab a birthday lunch/dinner at some interesting cafe, many of them have lovely outside sitting areas.

21.Indoor Skydiving

Have you ever heard about indoor skydiving? If you haven’t, make sure to check it out.

It’s an extremely safe and fun way to spend your birthday on your own, get some adrenaline going and take some cool pictures to remember this day.

You will get a chance to try something new, which is a wonderful way to kickstart another great year on this planet. There is only one person allowed in the tube at a time, so it’s quite a safe activity.

22.Family Day

Let’s assume that you are a teenager and by saying you are alone on your birthday you mean you are not with your friends. In this case, you always have your loving family to celebrate with.

A family day can be absolutely anything: you can just go out to your favorite family diner for a milkshake, go to the cinema, theatre, bowling.

You can just make your mom cook all your favorite dishes, so you can have a family dinner together and then watch some silly movie.

23.Day At The Beach

If your birthday happened to be in summer or you are lucky enough to live in California or some other hot place, just pack a bathing suit and let yourself relax and catch some rays at the beach. You can combine this point with a picnic option we have mentioned earlier.

24.Watch A Game

Another safe fresh air option for you. Why don’t you get yourself a ticket to watch some sporting event? This variant is great for those who are into sports.

25.Go horse riding

If you love nature, try doing some outdoor activities for your birthday alone. If you have never ridden a horse, book yourself an instructor and learn something new. Horses are a lot of fun and will raise your mood for sure if you had a bit of a birthday depression before.


Regardless of whether you happened to celebrate your birthday alone or with somebody else, it is important to remember that your birthday is your chance to reflect on your life, relax and fully enjoy this special occasion. Plan this day in advance with the activities that will make you look forward to this day and make you forget about being alone.

Источник: https://yourbestbirthdayparty.com/25-cool-ways-to-spend-your-birthday-alonepandemic-friendly/

8 Simple Things To Do on Your Birthday Alone ⋆ A July Dreamer

10 Things to Do on Your Birthday Alone

Is your birthday coming up? Are you in need of ideas of things to do on your birthday alone? Well, look no further, I have rounded a few ideas that I have personally done when spending time alone on my birthday. People think it weird but I think there is more to birthdays than parties, this is why I compiled a list of things to do on your birthday alone.

When I was young, birthdays were all about parties and cake, as an adult all I seek is some time alone. It is weird for most friends and family of mine to understand my need to spend time alone on my birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to parties, brunches, dinners and all but there is something about spending time alone that is serene.

Things To Do On Your Birthday Alone

Whenever my birthday comes round, I always ask myself, what do I want to do more of now that I am a year older? The last few years the answer has been the same, I want to travel more and share tips and tricksfor others in my position. This year I have the same answer too but there is another thing I want to do more than anything, something to improve my wellbeing.

I want to visit a life coach, I have seen bloggers become life coaches and others who train specifically for it Nina Madden Life Coaching.

Personally, I have never thought about becoming a life coach but I think it would be useful to attend a one-off session. Every life coach is different so I will have to do some more research before deciding on one.

But before then, here is a list of things you can do on your birthday alone.

Go For A Walk

Having just returned from Jersey in the British isles, I found myself walking a lot especially on the beach. This is not uncommon for me especially when I am travelling, I love walking places, enjoying the scenery and clearing my mind. There is something about going for a walk that is both healthy and mentally cleansing, all in all, its therapeutic.

Go To The Movies

I know for some people this might seem weird but it truly isnt, being able to watch a movie alone is such an amazing thing. Personally, I have done it a number of times and absolutely enjoyed each visit, I always bought the biggest popcorns and largest drinks and laughed out loud.

Read A Book

Now, ever since I was young, I has a knack for reading and often ‘inappropriate books’ which for the young me was too funny. Over the years it the knack got lost in translation buy now, I have found it and i think its the best thing ever. What could be better than reading a book on the beach or even in the comfort of your own home?

Show Gratitude

I don’t know about you but showing gratitude is something that has been engrained in me since infancy. Showing gratitude doesn’t cost anything, I think its the best thing a person can do.

We all live different lives and fight different battles but i think even in our battles we should show our gratitude for who we are, where we are and what we have.

Forget about what you don’t have or wish you had, be gratful for what you have now.

Volunter Your Time

Now, I must confess I have not done this for a while but I think volunteering is such an amazing act one can do.

When I was at university I volunteered with the red cross, it taught me skills that I later used in my career and it made me feel proud to be in a position to help another person.

Volunteering doesn’t always mean been there it can be anything from donating your time to donating your money.

Go On Holiday Solo

This is something I do a lot of, once a month to be precise and more other months. When I first started solo travelling, I was petrified, I thought I couldn’t do it until I actually did it.

Its so easy to allow other people’s opinions and your own inner critic dictate your actions and takes a lot of courage to ignore them.

It took me a while but when I got going, I couldn’t stop and I honestly do not want nor wish to.

Start Afresh

Starting afresh can be anything you want to change in your life, it can be uprooting to another country, moving your family home, cutting your hair or even better a new hair style.

They say, a woman who cuts her hair short is about to change the world and I couldn’t agree more with this sentence.

Think of something you want to change in your life and work on it until you reach a place you’re happy with.

Enjoy Your Daily Routine

Though it might seem weird and difficult for some, continuing on with your daily routine is another thing you can do on your birthday. You can enjoy the routine, the normality of it all, because lets face it, who wants to be reminded they are getting old? I don’t mind it much but would rather just continue on with my life and work on things I want to improve on.

I do hope you find these simple tips of things to do on your birthday alone is useful. Remember, getting old is just another wonderful stage of life, a life to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. If there is one advice I can share, it’s that, focus on you and don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Источник: https://www.ajulydreamer.com/things-to-do-on-your-birthday-alone/

13 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday Alone

10 Things to Do on Your Birthday Alone

Sites Skillshare and Creative Live have creative classes that will keep you busy and teach you something new. You can probably find other livestreamed classes from local businesses too ( the yoga studio down the street that you really miss).

6. Have a cozy read-a-thon

Who else experienced that magical day in elementary school when everyone brought in a bunch of books, sleeping bags, cozy PJs, and did nothing but read all day? It’s time to re-create that magic as an adult.

Especially because, I don’t know about you, reading has fallen to the wayside this pandemic and I desperately miss it.

Clearing your schedule to lose yourself in a great book (or three) might be the relaxing, off-the-grid birthday you’re looking for.

7. Whip up a bar-worthy fancy cocktail or mocktail

It might be a long time before we can gather in crowded bars again and enjoy bougie overpriced cocktails and mocktails for our birthdays, so now might be the time to flex your own mixologist skills. Some of the virtual experiences above include cocktail-making courses and demonstrations if you need some inspiration. But the internet is also filled with recipes, so you’ll never lack ideas.

8. Go down memory lane of old birthdays

Your mileage may vary on this one, since I’m sure this would bum some people out, but personally, I’ve found reminiscing to be a big comfort during the pandemic. Go through old albums or search for your birthdate on your phone’s photo gallery.

Hell, maybe even go through old photo albums if you have them to really throw it back. There’s nothing quite an embarrassing kid’s birthday party.

If you’re anything me, you’ll stray from just focusing on birthdays and enjoy flipping through a bunch of happy memories.

9. Bake yourself a damn birthday cake (or dessert of your choosing)

There’s something soothing about baking. Not only does it engage all of your senses, but it’s also very rewarding to make a bunch of ingredients come together to form something delicious you can enjoy.

If you’re not the most experienced baker, go easy on yourself. A boxed starter is fine. As is choosing a ridiculously easy recipe.

The finished product doesn’t have to be pretty or masterful, but it will be a delicious gift to yourself.

10. Journal about your year

I’m an avid journaler, but even if you’re not, there’s a lot to gain from slowing down and writing about yourself, your life, and your feelings.

This is an especially solid option for anyone who doesn’t feel in the mood to celebrate this year (I don’t blame you), but who still wants to mark the occasion.

Journal about the lessons you learned, the memories you don’t want to forget, and what you hope the year ahead holds.

11. Spend some time in nature

As the saying goes, nature nurtures. Depending on where you live, it might also be an awesome way to really lean into the solitude of your solo birthday and disconnect from everyday life.

Go for a long walk or hike, or find a beautiful place to lounge all day. Tap into all your senses and take in the world around you, or plug into a good playlist or book and just breathe in the fresh air.

Whatever you decide, don’t hurry yourself. Just enjoy.

12. Do some aimless online shopping

I know that “treat yourself to something nice” seems too obvious to include, but hear me out. For me, at least, there hasn’t been a ton of fun shopping amid this pandemic.

Not only am I more budget-conscious than usual, but much of my online shopping these days, while convenient, lacks the very specific pleasure of browsing.

I’m always ordering necessities and even when I’m not, I’m buying something I’ve been planning on treating myself to for a while or making a weird impulse buy I saw recommended on social media.

So for my birthday I gave myself a budget and decided to just…browse. No goal in mind. Just clicking through my favorite stores and slamming “add to cart” whenever something struck my fancy. It’s not quite the same as wandering the mall looking for something unexpected and special, but it scratched the same itch.

13. Decorate anyway

Listen, just because you can’t throw a big rowdy party doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for yourself. Chances are you’ve been stuck inside a lot more than you prefer lately.

Your birthday is the best excuse to change up the scenery, whether you want to go full-on tacky to make yourself smile or turn your place into a classy birthday oasis.

Plus, leaving the decorations up for a few days (or weeks) keeps the party going.


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