10 Characteristics of a Healthy Sexual Relationship

9 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

10 Characteristics of a Healthy Sexual Relationship

You and your partner love trying new restaurants together, going on long bike rides, and traveling, but when it comes to being happy and healthy in a relationship, there are other things to consider besides having common interests.

What exactly makes a relationship healthy? “A great relationship is a safe place for both people to love, honor, and respect one another,” says Jennifer Howell, a leadership and relationship coach in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. You can communicate your wants, needs, and boundaries, as well as listen to the other person.

No matter how you identify, a healthy relationship is important to cultivate because the opposite — a toxic relationship — takes a toll on your quality of life by heightening depression and anxiety, impacting sleep, causing you to take up unhealthy habits, and even impacting heart health, says Mary Jo Rapini, licensed intimacy and sex psychotherapist in Houston.

Being in a high-quality romantic relationship is associated with greater well-being, according to a study published August 2019 in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Being single was far better for someone’s well-being than being in a less happy partnership, the study found.

What’s more, many couples in unhealthy relationships don’t know that they are, especially if they grew up in a household where it was the norm, says Rapini. So it’s all the more important to be able to identify where yours stands.

Here are nine signs you and your mate are a good match:

1. You’re Not Afraid to Speak Up

It’s easy to know when your partner does something you don’t — maybe they don’t call you for two days or don’t help out around the house when you live together.

But it’s not always easy to speak up and tell your significant other how you’re feeling. “This takes a lot of strength, self-confidence, and courage, because you have to come from a vulnerable place,” says Howell.

In a healthy relationship, you’ll feel secure enough to be open with your partner.

2. Trust Is at the Core of the Relationship

Trust is foundational in all relationships, but with social media and cellphones, it can become all too easy to snoop. But in a healthy relationship, you don’t need to do that. In part, that’s because your partner shows you they’re trustworthy.

“They’re reliable and available. When they say they’ll be there, they’ll be there,” says Rapini.

They also show you they trust you by giving you the freedom and space you need without checking up on you constantly — and that includes checking your phone, she says.

3. You Know Each Other’s Love Language

Many couples swear by the book The 5 Love Languages for a reason: In it, you discover your partner’s “love language» — the way they prefer to give and receive love (through words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch). In a healthy relationship, you’ve taken the time to learn each other’s “love language” so you can express your love in a way that works for you both, says Howell.

4. You Agree to Disagree on Certain Issues

Every couple fights. But contrary to what you might think, you don’t need to fix every issue. In fact, it’s okay to have a handful of topics that you two will never agree on.

Sometimes, “it’s totally fine to agree to disagree. I think that’s healthy fighting,” explains Rapini. “In healthy relationships, there are at least five issues that are ‘no talkers.

’ They’re the issues that you both differ in opinion and perspective on, and that’s okay.”

5. You Encourage Each Other to Go After Your Goals

“Many of us have a dream or vision for our life, and especially as we age, we want to maintain those visions,” says Howell. According to Howell, it’s okay if your dreams don’t align with one another as long as you “honor and encourage each other to achieve your goals.”

6. You and Your Partner Hold Separate Interests

“Couples who have the greatest love affairs are the ones who were able to maintain their interests, but don’t put guilt on their partner for not sharing it with them,” she says.

Meaning, both of you encourage the other to explore what they love on their own. Howell agrees, adding that while it’s easy to adopt your partner’s habits and interests, over time becoming over-reliant on each other can breed resentment.

“Developing and investing in yourself builds self-confidence, self-love, and joy,” she says.

7. You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin

When you’re in a relationship, it’s crucial to know your strengths and weaknesses, says Howell. Maybe you’re confident around your friends but self-conscious at work.

Or you know that little things, your partner forgetting to take out the trash, can set you off.

Whatever your strengths and weaknesses are, being aware of them can help you reach a point of loving and accepting yourself, which in turn can help you love and accept your partner.

8. Boundaries Are Honored and Respected

A healthy relationship means you’re both on the same team. “In a healthy relationship, both parties discuss and agree upon important subjects that are meaningful to one another,” says Howell. She gives the example of budgeting for something big, a vacation.

An unsupportive partner in an unhealthy relationship doesn’t honor that goal, but they may sabotage it by trying to get you to splurge on something unnecessary. If you can talk it out with your partner and they acknowledge and understand your boundaries, that’s a good sign, notes Howell.

“However, if your partner repeatedly ignores what you value, including your boundaries, that’s concerning,” she says.

9. You Feel Happy and Supported

Once the initial elation of a new relationship wears off, check in with yourself: Do you feel happy and supported by your partner? How are your mood and self-esteem? If you feel any strain or lack of support, talk to your significant other — it’s the healthy thing to do.

Feeling unhappy in a relationship can lead to health problems down the road.

According to a study published in July 2015 in the Journal of Affective Disorders, which looked at nearly 5,000 adults over age 50 who were partnered up, having regular negative interactions in a relationship increases the lihood of suffering from depression and anxiety, and is even linked to suicidal thoughts, ly because dysfunction drives up day-to-day stress. On the other hand, strong partnerships protect people when they’re in the midst of a crisis — exactly the time they need someone on their side.

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10 Characteristics of a Healthy Sexual Relationship

10 Characteristics of a Healthy Sexual Relationship

When it comes to matters of sex, these may be difficult for you to talk about, even with your partner. However, having a healthy sexual relationship is a big part of having an intimate relationship with your mate.

Check out this article for more information on how to tell if you are in a healthy sexual relationship and what you can do about it if you aren’t. It may also help you find the relationship you want to have.

What is a healthy sexual relationship

A healthy sexual relationship consists of a relationship in which all parties are having their sexual needs met. In other words, they are satisfied with their sex life, having an adequate amount of sex, and not being abused in any way. It is ly that people with a healthy sex life will have a strong sexual connection. 

They will also be treated with a fair amount of respect and regard.

How does your lifestyle affect your sexual relationships

There are a number of ways that your lifestyle can affect your sexual relationship. 

For example, if you have to get a lot of things accomplished on a given day, it may be difficult to prioritize sex with your partner. There simply may not be time to get yourself interested in the idea of sex every day.

Things such as having to take care of children, being pregnant, or being stressed out can all lead to possible sexual problems in relationships. At the same time, if you and your mate are willing to fix these sexual problems, you may be able to work these circumstances out, so they cause less of a problem in general.

Can sexual relationships become unhealthy

It is quite possible for a sexual relationship to become unhealthy in a number of different ways. Here’s a look at how this may look when it comes to physical aspects versus psychological aspects.

A. Physical aspect

There are a few notable behaviors in which a relationship can promote unhealthy sexual behavior.

  • You may be at risk for a sexually transmitted infection
  • You may suffer abuse or be forced to have sex unwillingly
  • You might experience an unwanted pregnancy

B. Psychological aspect

If you are exposed to the unhealthy physical aspects, this may contribute to you experiencing psychological aspects as well. For instance, if you are abused by a sexual partner, this can cause you to become depressed and experience trauma. 

A healthy sexual relationship should never cause trauma in your life, so keep this in mind.

Healthy sex life elements

When you are wondering what is a healthy sex life, there are a few ways you can pay attention to, so you can determine if this sounds your relationship.

  • You are able to accept each other just as you are
  • You can have fun doing other things besides engaging in sexual relations
  • You consider your partner to be a necessary part of your life
  • There are no issues when it comes to talking to each other
  • You have a healthy level of attraction to one another

How to keep your sex life strong

Are you interested in learning how to have a good sex life? Try these easy-to-adopt techniques.

The things you do together are probably not your experiences with anyone else. If they remind you of another person, try something different instead of comparing them. 

If you or your partner are experiencing issues when it comes to sexual performance, make sure they are checked out by a doctor. If you need to take advantage of therapy, this is something you should consider as well.

When you want to improve your sex life, make sure that your mate knows this. Tell them sexy things or send them signals that make it clear what you want to do with them.

Try new things when you want to. You can learn these things together. Also, there’s no shame in searching for new ideas to try when your goal is improving sexuality in marriage.

Tips to promote a healthy sex life

Here’s a look at some tips on how to make your sexual life better.

  • Make sure you take precautions to protect from diseases or infections
  • If you do not want to become pregnant, make sure that you choose to take advantage of contraception
  • Be certain that all parties are ready before you start to initiate intimacy
  • Try things that you both enjoy
  • Don’t hesitate to tell your partner what you and dis and allow them to do the same
  • Keep eye contact when you are being intimate
  • Remember to take care of your physical health as well

10 characteristics of a healthy sexual relationship

Characteristics of a healthy sexual relationship are the same things that are considered to be characteristics of intimate relationships. When you are trying to learn how to have a healthy sexual relationship, these are some things that you should work on.

1. Being able to communicate

You must be able to talk to your partner about pretty much anything. This goes together with being comfortable around them.

If you are too shy to talk to your mate about things that matter to you, or what you in bed, you need to make it your top priority to work through this.

When you can communicate with them, it will be easier to tell them how you feel, so you can ensure that you are getting what you need from the sexual relationship and that they are as well.

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2. You can work through problems together

When you consider yourself to be in a healthy sexual relationship, this means you are able to work through your problems together. In other words, if one of you is going through something, you both are. 

Also, if an issue comes up, you’ll be able to talk through it and come to a resolution that works for everyone. This is something that may be hard to accomplish, but it is quite important, especially if you are trying to learn more about how to improve sex life.

3. You are able to be vulnerable

Another aspect of a healthy sexual relationship is that you are able to let your guard down around each other. If you need to cry, you can feel comfortable doing so. 

You may be having a bad day, and you can count on your partner to cheer you up. This lets you know that your relationship is not just about having sex, which can make you feel you are valued.

4. Trust is a two-way street

In your sexual relationship, you should also be able to trust each other. 

This means you shouldn’t jump to conclusions when something might look a certain way. You need to give your mate the opportunity to explain themselves and trust that they will offer you the same. Talking it out may allow you to become closer as a couple.

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5. You can be open and honest with your expectations

Something else that may be prudent when it comes to improving sexual relationships is telling each other what you want and expect. This can cover a variety of topics. 

For instance, if you enjoy having a happy sexual relationship with your partner, but you’d also to get married one day, let them know that’s how you feel. 

You should never feel apprehensive when it comes to speaking your mind. Besides that, you should allow your partner the opportunity to respond to what you are asking of them and tell you what they expect. Together you can determine your next steps.

Check out this video about having clear expectations in the relationship:

6. You are able to do other things together too

Even if you feel your current sexual relationship is your key on how to have good sex, it can be so much more than that. When you are in a healthy relationship, you are able to do so many activities together. 

You can simply spend time together, go on dates, learn how to communicate through body language, and much more. If this is something that interests you, think about searching online for things you can do together to work on your intimacy and closeness.

7. You feel good

Chances are if you think you are in a healthy duo, you may feel good about yourself and in general. Having your needs met and being a valued member of a couple can make you feel great in many aspects of your life. 

You might feel your opinion matters to someone, that you are cared for or loved, and you could even feel a boost to your self-esteem and self-worth. These are positive things to work towards as you go about trying to strengthen your bond with someone.

8. Even a soft touch seems meaningful

As you become comfortable with someone and keep exploring your intimate relationship, you may find that even when they touch your hand, you experience feelings. The intensity of these feelings may not be the same all the time, but that is fine. 

When a person’s touch causes you to feel butterflies in your stomach, this can be a good thing. It can also help to build positive relationships and reinforce that it is something that you want to nurture.

9. You can experience other emotions too

Don’t expect to be happy or blissful all the time. There are times that your partner may make you mad or you may feel sad sometimes. It is important that you feel all of the emotions that you need to feel. 

A loving partner will understand these things and allow you to work through them. They may even be by your side to cry with you or hold your hand. Remember that you should do the same for them as well. When they are having bad days, do something to take their mind off of it.

10. You are able to do things you to do

In most healthy relationships, both you and your partner will be able to do things you enjoy. Whether these are intimate conversations or not, it doesn’t really matter since a strong relationship will offer an opportunity for both. 

You should always be an individual as well as part of a couple when you are in a healthy relationship. It is okay for you to have fun and do things you to do, even if it is something simple watching your favorite show. There’s nothing wrong with it. 

On the other hand, you need to offer your mate the same luxury. After all, you may not want to speed every second together anyway!


There are a number of things involved when you are discussing a healthy sexual relationship. These types of relationships are possible, but they may take a lot of work and care.

Along the way, it is quite important to ascertain if you are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship, and the tips above should allow you to make the distinction. Use the advice you read above to help you seek out the right type of sexual relationship or to strengthen the one you are already a part of.

Don’t forget that any relationship you have should be respectful and you should feel heard and accepted. When this is not the case, you need to take steps to reevaluate what you want to do. You might need to lean on a counselor for advice or talk to people you love who can offer an additional perspective.

Understand that healthy relationships are quite possible, and you can have the one you want. Think about the characteristics listed in this article when you are evaluating your relationship, and work on the items that need to be addressed. 

Remember to relax as well. These things can take time, and you might not have the relationship you want overnight. This is not something that is a cause for concern.

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6 Key Characteristics Of A Sexually Healthy Relationship

10 Characteristics of a Healthy Sexual Relationship

How would you rate your sex life? On a scale of 1 to 10, is it at least an 8? Or is it as low as a 3?

Well, not everyone has an enjoyable sex life.

There are many factors that contribute to whether or not partners can fully enjoy themselves during sexual activities.

Most people believe that sex is good when both parties enjoy the physical aspect of it.

However, that’s not entirely true.

Read on to learn the key characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship:

One of the primary characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship is chemistry beyond the bedroom.

When sparks can fly between you and your partner while you’re at lunch or casually hanging out, that’s a good sign.

Before a healthy sex life is formed, it’s important to build closeness and a passion when sex isn’t involved.

It’s the emotional and mental connection between two partners that actually makes sex good.

If a couple is constantly arguing, has nothing in common, or feels resentment towards each other, those feelings spill over into their sex life.

Negative feelings or a lack of chemistry make it really hard to fully enjoy sexual activity with a person.

2. Communication

In order to have a healthy sexual relationship, partners must be able to communicate with one another.

If one person wants to try new things, they should be comfortable enough to voice that.

Sex is an exploration. It should be something that’s constantly evolving— but only in a way that’s comfortable for both parties.

Communication is also key in regards to pleasure.

For instance, if the woman feels discomfort or pain during intercourse, she shouldn’t suffer through it.

Her partner should be aware and the two must work together to make sure that the experience is satisfactory for both.

Maybe they can introduce toys and other playful things into the situation until she feels more comfortable.

Speaking of toys, visit thehotspot.com.au to find fun accessories to spice things up.

3. Physical and Emotional Sparks

Another one of the key characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship is physical and emotional connections.

When you’re involved with your partner, you should feel more than physical pleasure.

During sexual activity, it’s important to feel love, excitement, relief, and closeness to your partner.

An emotional disconnect is a bad sign. It means that both parties are using intercourse for their physical needs.

They’re not truly indulging in the experience and enjoying their partner.

Sexual Health isn’t one-sided.

If you only experience the physical aspect of sex without the emotional aspect, you’re missing out on all of the wonders of an incredible sex life.

4. Sex That Provides a Sense of Comfort

Sex should always bring a sense of comfort and well-being—especially sex in a marriage.

If you feel shame after intercourse, that’s a bad sign.

Sex should offer a sense of well-being and comfort, not shame and disappointment.

If you have negative feelings after sex, it’s important to figure out why.

Reevaluate your relationship to get a better understanding of whether or not there’s something that’s causing you to feel that way.

If your partner is in the problem, do some soul searching in regards to your past. Many people grow up with the idea that sex is dirty or shameful, and they carry that with them into their marriage.

There’s nothing wrong with speaking with a therapist to help you work through those emotions so that you can have a fulfilling sex life.

5. Forgiveness

Everyone knows that an emotionless relationship can completely ruin a person’s sex life.

But one of the main characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship is forgiveness.

If there has been hurt throughout the relationship, it’s never a good idea to move on without dealing with the pain.

Unfortunately, many partners hurt each other and move on without ever addressing it.

As a result, those negative emotions trickle into their sex life.

Let’s say there is an instance of infidelity. Well, the partner that was cheated on may have a hard time opening up after the betrayal.

They may feel uncomfortable or even upset during intercourse.

In order to move past it, couples should go to therapy and get healing from those incidents.

Once true forgiveness occurs, then their sex life will improve.

6. Time

Sex in a marriage is often a struggle. When a husband and wife have busy lives and children, those things can really put a damper on their sex life.

However, another one of the primary characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship is couples taking the time to enjoy sex.

A married couple may not be able to spontaneously indulge whenever they want.

But purposely scheduling date nights or specific times for sex will help to keep things exciting.

Some people may not the idea of “scheduling” sex.

However, it’s better than ignoring it and allowing a busy life to put it on the back burner.

You don’t necessarily have to pencil it in on your calendar.

But just make a conscious decision to set aside time to enjoy your spouse and have time away from the kids.

Understanding the Characteristics of a Sexually Healthy Relationship

As you can see from the list above, the characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship are multifaceted.

A healthy sex life doesn’t just include physical pleasure, but also closeness and respect for your partner.

Good sex is only good when you can fully indulge in the pleasures of it.

That includes enjoying your partner in all aspects of the word meaning physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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